Nominations and Governance Committee

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To advise Council as to its membership and that of its committees as well as the operation and effectiveness of the College’s governance arrangements.

Equality and diversity shall be considered in all aspects of its discussion and decision making.

Terms of Reference

Nominations and Governance Committee [NGC] determines the criteria for Council membership and is responsible for identifying prospective members, making recommendations to Council on the appointment of candidates both independent and internal.

Its remit also extends to the appointment of Heads and Acting Heads of Department on the Warden’s Nomination.

  1. To make recommendations to Council on the appointment of:
    1. Independent and appointed members of Council, having given due consideration to the skills matrix of Council which it shall be responsible for maintaining
    2. Council appointed members of Council Committees, who are not members of Council
    3. Independent members, who are members of Council, to Council Committees
    4. Internal members, who are not members of Council, to Council Committees, having given consideration to the balance of skills on Council and its committees
  2. To maintain and keep under regular review a standing list of recommendations for appointments to Council and its committees
  3. To review procedures for appointments from time to time and make recommendations to Council on amendments to the procedures for appointments.
  4. Through its recommendations as to appointments, to ensure that Council realises its commitment to achieving equality and diversity throughout the College
  5. To make recommendation to Council as to the operation and effective discharge of the College’s corporate and academic governance activities
  6. To a make recommendation to Council on developments and good practice in governance having due regard to sector guidelines
  7. To make recommendation to Council in respect of any required revisions to the College’s Charter and Statutes
  8. To make recommendation to Council on the establishment and disestablishment of committees as well as the terms of reference and composition of committees
  9. At the invitation of Council, to put in place mechanisms for carrying out review of the effectiveness of governance arrangements at the College

  1. Terms of office for non ex-officio members shall be three years, renewable for three further years.
  2. Members shall receive an induction to working on the committee before attending the first meeting.
  3. The Committee shall have such meetings per year as are required to fulfil its terms of reference.
  4. The minutes, agendas and papers for each meeting shall be sent to members at least five working days in advance. Only exceptionally and with the agreement of the Chair will papers be tabled atmeetings.
  5. The quorum of the committee shall be as set out in Paragraph 4 of the Standing Orders.

The Committee regularly reports to Council by circulating minutes of each meeting and by producing periodic reports.

Chair: appointed by Council Aaron Porter to 2023
Warden Professor Frances Corner ex officio
Chief Operating Officer Jilly Court ex officio
Chair of Council Dinah Caine ex officio
The President of the Students' Union Hafsa Haji ex officio
One of the Academic Board members on Council, or the elected academic staff member on Council, to serve for as long as the individual concerned remains a member of Council Dr Naomi Thompson to 2023
The member of Council elected by the non-academic staff  vacancy  
The member of Council elected by the academic staff Dr Kiran Grewal to 2024
Four independent members of Council appointed by Council Professor Susan Dilly to 2023 
Dr Ronkhe Akerele to 2023
Stella Beaumont to 2025
Secretary Grant Hamilton-Smith  

Terms of office on committees are for three years, renewable for three further years. If the letters "eot" appear against a person's name in a membership listing, this indicates that he or she will reach the maximum term as a member of the body concerned on 31 August in the year specified.

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