Professional Progression Sub-Committee

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Parent body

Human Resources and Equalities Committee


The committee is responsible for making decisions for matters pertaining to the pay and progression of the College's non-academic staff. Equality and diversity shall be considered in all aspects of its discussion and decision-making.

Terms of reference


The committee has delegated authority from the Human Resources and Equalities Committee to:

  1. Review strategy pertaining to matters of pay and progression of non-academic College staff
  2. Make those decisions which pertain to the pay and progression of College staff where responsibility for making such decisions has not been specifically assigned to another body


To decide upon the following:

  1. Salary increases for all non-academic staff without automatic progression, other than those falling within the scope of Remuneration Committee
  2. the award of accelerated increments up to the contribution threshold for non-academic staff up to and including Grade 10
  3. any other type of enhanced remuneration for any category of staff, in any other case where this responsibility is not specifically assigned to another body


  1. Terms of office for non ex-officio members shall be three years, renewable for three further years
  2. Members shall receive an induction to working on the committee before attending the first meeting
  3. The committee shall have one meeting per year, which will be timetabled on an annual basis and will take account of the schedule of meetings for the Human Resources and Equalities Committee and the Council to ensure appropriate reporting
  4. The minutes, agendas and papers for each meeting shall be sent to members at least ten working days in advance. Only exceptionally and with the agreement of the Chair will papers be tabled at meetings
  5. The quorum of the Committee shall be as set out in Paragraph 4 of the Standing Orders


The committee regularly reports to the Human Resources and Equalities Committee and Council by circulating the minutes of each meeting and by producing periodic reports.


Chair: Registrar and Secretary Helen Watson ex officio
A Pro-Warden Professor Elisabeth Hill to 2022 (eot)
Director of Human Resources Susan Edwards (interim) ex officio
A Professional Services Director Jeanette Batten to 2024
A Departmental Business Manager Matthew Redfearn to 2022
A representative of the technical staff Nigel Smith to 2022
A representative of the staff (grade 4 or 5) Gloria Ojosipe to 2024
Secretary Dawn Foster