Quality and Standards Committee

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Academic Board


The Quality and Standards Committee (QSC) has delegated responsibility from the Academic Board for considering, advising on, and developing the College’s framework and policies for assuring the quality and standards of all awards; and for monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness with which these are implemented. 

Its remit includes oversight of the policies and procedures for programmes leading to Goldsmiths awards delivered on-campus and in collaboration with Partner Institutions.

QSC pays particular regard to the impact of its work in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

All matters listed below for which it gives approval or undertakes a monitoring function are formally reported to Academic Board.


Terms of reference


  1. To ensure that the College’s quality assurance processes remain fit for purpose and continue to meet external requirements, including but not limited to ensuring the College continues to meet its conditions of registration with the Office for Students;
  2. To consider all proposals for changes as needed to the College’s quality assurance processes for onward recommendation to the Academic Board;
  3. To monitor the impact of Goldsmiths quality assurance policies and procedures for taught programmes and make recommendations to Academic Board;
  4. To scrutinise the outcomes of Goldsmiths assessment processes, with particular consideration of the profiles of student performance across student groups, programmes and departments, and in relation to subject-relevant benchmarks, drawing any significant issues and recommendations to the attention of Academic Board;
  5. To advise Academic Board, if requested, on issues or internal actions arising from (a) reports by external agencies or professional bodies concerning the quality of the College's provision, or (b) submissions for external review;
  6. To scrutinise the annual report of extenuating circumstances applications/decisions and report to Academic Board;
  7. To scrutinise the annual report of student complaints and academic appeals and make recommendations to LTSEC and/or Academic Board, as appropriate;
  8. To inform Council’s required annual assurance about the assurance of student outcomes and of the reliability of degree standards.




Chair: Pro-Warden (Learning, Teaching and Enhancement) Professor Elisabeth Hill ex officio
Director of Governance and Legal Services Mr Matthew Brooks ex officio
Head of Quality Mrs Cathryn Thompson ex officio
Two members of the academic staff from each School Dr Deirdre Osborne (A&H) (ECW) to 2023
Dr Stephen Graham (A&H) (Music) to 2023 (eot)
Dr Andrea Mura (C&S) (Politics and International Relations) to 2022
to be confirmed  
Ms Sue Dixon (PSST) (Education) to 2023 (eot)
Dr Jennifer George (PSST) (Computing) to 2022
One Departmental Business Manager from each School Ms Claire Jarman (C&S) (Sociology) to 2022
to be confirmed  
Dr Rose Hepworth (PSST) (Computing) to 2023 (eot)
A sabbatical officer of the Students' Union to be confirmed  
Secretary Ms Shahreen Haider  

Terms of office on committees are for three years, renewable for three further years. If the letters "eot" appear against a person's name in a membership listing, this indicates that he or she will reach the maximum term as a member of the body concerned on 31 August in the year specified.


For minutes please contact governance (@gold.ac.uk)