Regulations Committee

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Parent Body

Academic Board


The Regulations Committee has delegated responsibility from the Academic Board for keeping under review the College’s academic regulations.

Its remit includes oversight of a register of associated College policies.

All matters for which it gives approval are formally reported and recommended to Academic Board.

  1. To ensure Goldsmiths’ academic regulations remain fit for purpose, contribute to the maintenance of academic standards and continue to comply with external requirements
  2. To identify any gaps in the academic regulations and associated policies that implement the academic regulations
  3. To ensure the academic regulations are aligned with Goldsmiths’ other statutory instruments (regulations, policies, ordinances)
  4. To maintain a schedule of review for College policies related to the academic regulations, which will include a register of policy owners
  5. To ensure that proposals to amend the academic regulations maintain alignment with external reference points and draw on external practice
  6. To ensure that proposals to amend the academic regulations consider timeframes for implementation, including any system development requirements
  7. To make recommendations to Academic Board for revisions to the academic regulations (reporting elsewhere as necessary where connections appear)
  8. To ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are considered in all aspects of discussion and decision making, drawing any significant issues and recommendations to the attention of Academic Board

Frequency of meetings

The Regulations Committee will meet once per term, in advance of Academic Board. It will meet more frequently if required.

Chair: Academic Registrar Gavin Barber ex officio
One School Administrator Amanda Cater ex officio
Head of Academic Partnerships Tom France ex officio
Representative from the Quality Office Gareth Bodrell ex officio
Representative of the Graduate School Chris Robson  
Academic Representatives (maximum of six, with two from each School wherever possible) Dr Stephen Graham [Music] to 2024
Alex Rys-Taylor [Sociology] to 2024
Dr Caroline Rix [Psychology] to 2024
Students' Union Representative Tor Ayrton to 2023
Secretary Ben Haggar