Remuneration Committee

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Remuneration Committee [RC] has delegated responsibility for setting remuneration for all of the Senior Management Team.

It recommends and monitors the structure of remuneration for senior management, ensuring that the arrangements support the strategic aims of the College.

Terms of reference

To decide upon the following, after taking due account of the provisions of the College's Financial Regulations, the Regulator's guidelines and relevant legislation:

  1. remuneration associated with the offices of Warden, Pro-Warden and Deputy Warden (but not with the contributions of any of these officeholders in respect of any academic work which forms part of their duties)
  2. the remuneration of any other members of staff who are members of the Senior Management Team
  3. any severance payment to a member of the Senior Management Team, or to any other staff where the severance payment in question does not fall within a Severance Scheme approved by Council or is in excess of two years' salary


  1. The Remuneration Committee considers Pro-Warden allowances and any other benefits relating to the role of Pro-Warden. Promotion or pay progression of Pro-Wardens in their capacity as members of the academic staff are dealt with by the appropriate Sub-Committees of the Human Resources Committee
  2. The arrangements for officer action on behalf of Remuneration Committee for the authorisation of severance payments shall be as specified in the Financial Regulations
  3. The Warden is in attendance as requested by the Chair of the Committee


Chair: the Chair of Council Ms Dinah Caine ex officio
Four independent members of Council Mr Aaron Porter to 2021
Ms Ronke Akerele to 2023 
Ms Lynn Pearcy to 2023 (eot)
The President of the Students’ Union Ms Lauren Corelli ex officio
Secretary Ms Kate Burrell  



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