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Research and Enterprise Committee


The overarching responsibility of the Research Ethics and Integrity Sub-Committee (REISC) is to promote a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity and based on good governance, best practice and support for the development of researchers.

Reflecting this, it has the interlinked functions of (a) providing support and advice to researchers and others on matters relating to research integrity* and (b) ensuring that any ethics issues associated with research projects conducted by College staff or students of any level (and whether externally or internally funded), have been appropriately considered, addressed, and approved before the projects begin.

All matters listed below for which it gives formal approval or undertakes a monitoring function are reported to Research and Enterprise Committee (REC).

* in accordance with The Concordat to Support Research Integrity (Universities UK, 2012)

Terms of reference

  1. To keep under review College guidelines on issues related to research integrity, with a view to ensuring that research conducted under the aegis of the College complies with recognised research integrity standards; that the public, staff and students are protected from harm; and that the reputation of the College is safeguarded
  2. To advise and make recommendations to REC concerning changes to relevant College guidelines, policies, and procedures
  3. To establish and implement procedures for reviewing and evidencing the integrity of research projects carried out by staff and students within the College
  4. To assess the ethical and other integrity-related issues raised by projects submitted to it for consideration, and to grant or withhold approval from such projects**

** Note: An application will not be rejected without allowing the applicant the opportunity of either discussing the application with the Committee or of making acceptable amendments to the application, whichever is appropriate. Approval of schemes may be subject to the approval of any other institution concerned.


Chair: Academic Director for Research Policy Professor Simon McVeigh ex officio
Two independent members appointed by the Warden vacancy -
Dr Kieran Fenby-Hulse (University of Coventry) to 2021 (eot)
Research Office Representative Ms Tracy Banton ex officio
Two Early Career Researchers Dr Sarah Wiseman [Computing] to 2021
Dr Fay Dennis [Sociology] to 2021
One member of academic staff from each School Dr Caroline Rix [Psychology] to 2021
Dr Sara Cefai [Anthopology] to 2022
Dr Pia Pichler [ECL] to 2020 (eot)
Up to six additional members of academic staff Mr Mark Taylor [STaCS] to 2021
Dr Kelly Meng [ICCE] to 2021
Professor Marsha Rosengarten [Sociology] to 2022 (eot)
Mr Steve Keirl [Design] to 2021 (eot)
Professor Alex Watson [History] to 2021 (eot)
Ms Nicole Wolf [Visual Cultures] to 2021 (eot)
Two student representatives to be determined to 2020
to be determined to 2020
Secretary Ms Jennie San   

Terms of office on committees are for three years, renewable for three further years. If the letters "eot" appear against a person's name in a membership listing, this indicates that he or she will reach the maximum term as a member of the body concerned on 31 August in the year specified.


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