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Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee


The Student Experience Sub-Committee (SESC) has delegated responsibility from Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee (LTEC) for considering, advising on, and developing the College’s approaches to enhancing the student experience, and for encouraging the internal sharing of good practice with respect to student wellbeing, retention and engagement.

This includes making recommendations to LTEC concerning the Student Experience and Engagement Strategy, which is formally approved by Academic Board, and advising on aspects of the Access agreement; and monitoring the implementation of action plans associated with both of the above. 

Reflecting the fact that the professional services, Goldsmiths Students Union (GSU0, and academic departments are jointly responsible for these issues, the sub-Committee is chaired by the Director of Student, Alumni and Library Services, and deputy chaired by the GSU President and the Associate Pro-Warden (Student Experience).

All matters listed below for which SESC undertakes advisory and monitoring functions are formally reported to LTEC, with any issues or recommendations drawn to the attention of LTEC and other College bodies as appropriate.

Terms of reference

  1. To advise on the development, and monitor the implementation, of strategies and related policies including the Student Experience and Engagement Strategy and the Student Charter
  2. To monitor and promote the effective operation of student engagement, enhancement and employability activities, including via consideration of reports from relevant Project Boards
  3. To consider and advise on mechanisms for seeking the views of potential students, current students, and alumni about their experiences, to ensure that regular and detailed feedback from all points of the student journey informs planning and service design
  4. To consider indices of the quality of the student experience at Goldsmiths, including internal and national student feedback surveys, and to make recommendations to LTEC based on this information
  5. To make recommendations concerning responses to student feedback, to advise on how these responses and associated actions are communicated to students, and to monitor the implementation of these actions
  6. To advise on the development of, and monitor progress against, the objectives of the University Access Agreement with reference to data on widening participation
  7. To take an overview of engagement between the student-facing activities undertaken by professional services, academic departments and the GSU, particularly in relation to student wellbeing and retention; this includes formal consideration of DSC reports, and the formulation of recommendations concerning enhancement
  8. To consider and advise on how the College can promote a lifelong relationship with its students and graduates, including how alumni might contribute to the experience of current students


Chair: Director of Student Experience & Academic Registrar Ms Louisa Green ex officio
Deputy Chair: President of Goldsmiths Student’s Union Mr Joe Leam ex officio
A sabbatical officer of the Goldsmiths Students Union Ms Beth Lowe to 2020
A member of the Goldsmiths Students Union staff Mr Howard Littler to 2020
A postgraduate research Departmental Student Co-ordinator Mr Pravanesh Subramanian to 2020
One Department Student Co-ordinator from each School (including one postgraduate taught student) Ms Kaytrina Flacini (C&S) to 2020
Ms Zoe Sanders (A&H) to 2020
Mr Jack Moore (PPST) to 2020
Six representatives with direct responsibility for enhancing the student experience, appointed to ensure cross School representation and a mix of professional staff and academic staff expertise Dr Charlotte Scott (ECL) to 2020
Ms Sian Prime (ICCE) to 2020 (eot)
Ms Miranda McLachlan (MCCS) to 2020
Dr Rose Hepworth (Computing) to 2021
Ms Claire Jarman (Sociology) to 2021
Ms Amanda Cater (A&H School Administrator) to 2022
Academic Director of the Teaching & Learning Innovation Centre Dr Debbie Custance ex officio
Associate Director (Careers Service) Ms Katy Gordon

ex officio

Associate Director (Student Support Services) Ms Sue Tarhan ex officio
Director of Library Services Mr Leo Appleton ex officio
A member of the Quality Office Ms Shahreen Haider ex officio
Organisational Development and Equalities Manager Ms Bethan Williams ex officio
A Member of Council vacancy  
In attendance for relevant agenda items, by invitation:
  • professional staff from areas including HR, Estates, ITIS, Finance, Alumni Relations
  • GSU staff and sabbatical officers not already part of the membership
Secretary Mr Daniel Meehan  



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