Fitness to Practice


12. Fitness to Practise

12.1 The College is committee to working closely with the professional, statutory and regulatory bodies and the Registration Bodies that are associated with its programmes, including those Registration Bodies that accept successful students onto the Registers they maintain.

12.2 The College shall maintain a Policy which sets out how it shall meet its responsibilities to Registration Bodies, other stakeholders and students for ensuring that students who come into contact with pupils, other children, patients, clients, vulnerable adults, other students and the public, to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

12.3 Students shall maintain a Fitness to Practice Procedure for dealing with students about whom there is a concern about their fitness to practise in the relevant profession.

12.4 Students enrolled on a programme of study which leads to an entitlement to practise as a member of a profession must be aware that his or her behavior, both inside and outside the College environment, including his or her personal life, may have an impact on his or her fitness to practise his or her chosen profession whether or not that student is currently pursuing a professionally accredited degree or intends so to do at a later date.

12.5 The College shall have the power to take action, up to and including removal from the College, against any student whose fitness to practise has been found to be impaired.

12.6 The standard of proof to be applied is the balance of probabilities.