6. Fees

Payment of fees 

6.1 A student shall be liable for the payment of fees associated with the programme of study for which they are enrolled. This liability may be met by: 

6.1.1 The payment of the fees by the student at enrolment 

6.1.2 The agreement with the College of a schedule for the payment of fees by a means acceptable to the College 

6.1.3 Evidence that the fees will be paid by a sponsor. (Students should note that they remain liable for payment of their fees if these are not subsequently paid by the sponsor.) 

6.2 International students who do not have an official financial sponsor (as defined by the UK Government) may be required to make an advanced payment and students who required a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) will be required to make this payment as part of the CAS assessment process.

6.3 In accordance with legislation in force students who cannot be exempted under provisions for European Union students will normally be required to pay a higher fee (an 'overseas fee'). Where such students have permission to reside in the UK for the period of the programme concerned (other than as a student undertaking a full-time programme of study) and are permitted to enrol on a part-time programme of study, they will normally be required to pay the appropriate proportion of the higher fee (the 'overseas fee') for the programme concerned. 

6.4 A student who is indebted to the College for tuition fees may not be enrolled as student of the College, or enter any examination for any programme offered by the College, until the sum owing has been paid in full, unless, in a case of proven hardship, an alternative arrangement for payment has been made with the agreement of the College. 

Refund of fees 

6.5 Students who withdraw from their programme of study shall remain liable for payment of fees for the year in which they withdrew, except that the College may make provision for the refund of fees in accordance with an agreed policy. 

6.6 Students who withdraw from a programme of study without informing the College in the appropriate way shall not be eligible for a refund of fees. 

6.7 Students who interrupt their studies without seeking and gaining the agreement of the College shall remain be liable for payment of fees in full and may not be eligible for any refund of fees paid. 

Additional fees and costs 

6.8 The tuition fees paid to the College cover all learning materials and other activities which are essential to the completion of the programme and are a requirement of the programme. (This excludes programmes where the activity of fundraising for a project is part of the learning process.) 

6.9 The College may make additional charges for services provided to students during their study – such as halls of residence or costs for printing the students’ own work on College printers - and may also charge students the costs incurred by the College in recovering any debts owed by the student to the College. 

Financial support 

6.10 Students in financial hardship can apply to the College for financial aid in the form of short-term emergency hardship loans or, where appropriate, Access to Learning Funds or similar types of financial support.

Fee Schedule 

6.11 The College will publish annually a schedule of tuition fees for each programme of study.