Admission and Enrolment


5. Admission and Enrolment 

5.1 ‘Admission’ describes the steps taken to enable the College to decide whether to offer to an applicant a place to study at the College, and creates a contractual obligation on the College to provide a programme of study at the time offered. 

5.2 ‘Enrolment’ describes the process whereby the applicant formally confirms their status as a Goldsmiths student, confirming the contractual relationship between themselves and the College. 


5.3 All applications to study at the College must be made using the relevant application process. 

5.4 It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide evidence of educational attainment and other relevant qualifications and experience to enable the College to judge the application. 

5.5 Applicants must meet the minimum entrance requirements for the programme to which they are applying. Any student who secures admission to the College on the basis of qualifications, documents or statements which are subsequently found to be false, or who withholds information requested on the relevant application form, shall have his or her offer rescinded or enrolment terminated as appropriate. 

5.6 All correspondence with enquirers and with candidates for admission concerning entry requirements and procedures, interviews and offers of a place or rejections, and with sponsors or relevant UK government departments or their agencies in respect of individual students, shall be conducted through the appropriate College office. No offer of a place on a programme shall be valid unless it has been sent from the appropriate College office. 

5.7 Students who require permission or other authorisation in order to lawfully remain in the UK must present evidence of this before they will be permitted to enrol. 

5.8 Students who require this permission must present a visa or other suitable document that does not prohibit the kind of study in question at or before enrolment. 

5.9 No offer of a place shall be made later than four weeks after the beginning of the programme concerned other than with the exceptional agreement of the relevant Head(s) of Department. 

5.10 No student shall be offered a place as a part-time student for a programme which is offered in full-time mode only (that is, normally involving twenty-one hours or more per week of prescribed attendance or activities during term.) 

5.11 Students who possess or require a Tier 4 (General) visa shall not be permitted to enrol on a part time programme of study. 

Fitness to Practise and Criminal Records 

5.12 Applicants to programmes of professional training are required to satisfy the College of their fitness to practise before they will be permitted to enrol fully as a student of the College, including meeting any requirements of the UK Government or its agents, or statute law, currently in force regarding procedures for the protection of vulnerable groups.

5.13 It will be the responsibility of the applicant/student to pay any fees associated with the requirement above. 

5.14 In determining fitness to study or practise, and whether a student may continue to be part or of join the College community, the College may ask any student for further information concerning their criminal record, including convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings, investigations pending or other relevant information, as well as references, from the Probation Service or other organisation. The College may require any student to obtain a disclosure certificate, at the student’s expense, from the appropriate Government agency. 

5.15 The College will set out a detailed policy, which will include an appeals mechanism, in relation to such matters. 


5.16 No person may enrol as a student of the College unless they have been admitted to a programme of the College. 

5.17 It shall be a condition of enrolment that all students agree to be bound by the College’s Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations and with any relevant legislation, or Statutes, Ordinances or Regulations of the University of London, at that time in force. 

5.18 A student shall enrol by the means determined by the College, at the time and where appropriate the place determined by the College. The College may make available enrolment via electronic means or by completion of a paper form. 

5.19 Students shall not be permitted to enrol more than 28 days after the official start date of their programme unless there are extenuating circumstances which, in advance of that date, have been approved as exceptional by the College.

5.20 No student will be permitted to enrol concurrently for more than one award (ie degree, diploma or certificate), save by special permission of the College on the recommendation of the appropriate Head(s) of Department.

Policy and guidance