14. Library 

14.1 Borrowing membership of the Library is open to members of the College Council, College staff, enrolled students on award bearing programmes and intercollegiate students of the College. External readers or borrowers may be admitted on application to the Librarian. 

14.2 The card which permits entry to and borrowing from the Library may be used only by the person to whom the card was issued. 

14.3 Loan and reservation facilities may be stopped for any borrower who, without good cause, keeps any loan item overdue, or who fails to pay a fine when due. 

14.4 The Librarian may exclude from the Library any person who breaks the Library Rules, or in any way interferes with the convenience of Library users or the work of the Library. 

14.5 Any person may appeal to the Registrar and Secretary against any disciplinary action taken against them by the Librarian. Students have the right to be represented by the Students' Union in any matter involving possible exclusion.

14.6 Library Rules shall be publicised to Library users. Amendments to the rules shall be approved by the Pro-Warden with responsibility for student matters, who may seek advice from relevant committees. 

14.7 The Library Rules shall define borrowing rights for different categories of reader, and the circumstances in which fees may be charged for library usage to persons who are neither members of staff nor students.