Information Law Compliance and Records Management


17. Information Law Compliance and Records Management 

17.1 The College's policies on Data Protection and Freedom of Information, and arrangements for compliance with current legislation, shall be governed by a Management Framework approved by Council (PDF download) and revised as necessary from time to time. 

17.2 The Framework document shall provide for the means by which more detailed policies and guidelines on Data Protection, Freedom of Information andcompliance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act shall be formulated, updated and disseminated to members of the College and others.

17.3 There shall be a Staff Privacy Statement, approved by a committee of the College appointed by Council to act on its behalf. This shall define the way in which the College approaches the balance between the right of public access to information under the Freedom of Information Act and the rights of staff as individuals under the Data Protection Act. Audio and Video Recordings and Photographs

17.4 Where students or staff make private recordings of or take photographs during teaching sessions, video or web conferences, or other events facilitated by the College, whether face to face or in a virtual environment, the consent of all those being recorded should be obtained for any usage other than for private study/information (and in particular for any commercial use, or for publication on the internet). As a matter of ethical practice, any individuals being recorded be informed in advance of private recordings, even when the purpose is private study/information only.

17.5 Any recording made or photograph taken contrary to the Regulations shall not be published.

17.6 Official recordings made by the College (usually initiated by the person with lead responsibility for the event, or as a result of a wider institutional policy decision) shall be in accordance with procedures approved by a committee of the College appointed by Council to act on its behalf. A member of the ProfessionalServices staff designated by the Registrar and Secretary shall be responsible for facilitating the recording process and ensuring that the requirements of the Records Management Policy are met.

Records Management

17.7 There shall be a Records Management Policy approved by Council, setting standards of acceptable practice and Records Management, taking into account both the need for internal efficiency and obligations under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts, and specifying where accountability lies for the delivery of these standards.

17.8 There shall be a Retention Schedule, specifying the length of time for which specific documents held by the College should be kept, and the accountability of specific staff for storage and destruction in accordance with the schedule. This shall be approved by Academic Board and Council, or by a committee appointed by Council to act on their behalf.