Programmes of Study


1. Programmes of Study 

1.1 A Programme of Study is: 

1.1.1 For a taught certificate, diploma or degree, a prescribed set of modules, which may include supervised practice or research, and associated assessment which on successful completion leads to the award of a certificate, diploma or degree. 

1.1.2 For a research degree, a prescribed period of supervised research study, which may include taught and practice elements, and the assessment thereof, which on successful completion leads to the award of a degree. 

1.2 Each Programme of Study leading to a certificate, diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree shall be governed by a Programme Scheme approved by Academic Board, which shall be consistent with the College’s Credit Framework. 

1.3 The Programme Scheme shall comprise the Programme Specification, the Module Specifications and such other documents as may be required by the Credit Framework.

1.4 Individual cases for variation from the Programme Scheme must be set out in a special scheme of study approved by Academic Board. 

1.5 The powers of Academic Board in relation to the development and approval of Programme Schemes and the approval of special schemes of study are delegated to a Committee of Academic Board, subject to such report being made to Academic Board as it may require. 

1.6 The same period of study and examination cannot normally be credited towards the award of a degree by Goldsmiths and a degree of another institution (excluding approved joint awards and dual degree programmes).

Length of Programmes

1.7 The minimum length (to include any prior learning for which a student is given credit) of Programmes of Study is as follows: 

Certificate of Higher Education: 1 academic year or part-time equivalent

Diploma of Higher Education: 2 academic years or part-time equivalent

Foundation Degree: 2 academic years or part-time equivalent

Bachelor’s Degree: 3 academic years or part-time equivalent

Taught Master’s Degree: 1 calendar year

Master of Philosophy: 18 months

Doctor of Philosophy: 2 calendar years

1.8 In order to ensure currency of learning, no certificate, diploma or degree may normally be awarded if any of the learning and assessment towards that degree took place more than seven academic years before the year of award, or exceptionally longer in the case of part-time or research degree study.