Rights and Obligations of Staff and Students


3. Rights and Obligations of Students

3.1 The Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of Goldsmiths’ College regulate the College’s activity and that of its staff and students. Whereverrelevant, the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University of London also have force.
3.2 Students and staff also have an obligation to comply with published College policies which affect them, and to comply with the law when on College premises or conducting College business. Illegal activities may be dealt with by the College as disciplinary offences, including in cases where there is also a criminal prosecution.
3.3 All current students enrolled directly with the College for UK-based study, and all current staff, are entitled to use College IT facilities (including a personal email account) and Library facilities without charge. More detailed provisions are as set out in the specific General Regulations which apply to these services, or rules and policies referred to in those Regulations, and may include variant services (eg type
of borrowing rights in the Library) applicable to particular groups.
3.4 Occasional Students are entitled to the use of College services as specifically defined (in agreement with the relevant offices and services) for each short course; the fees will be calculated and charged accordingly.
3.5 The College will notify students before enrolment of the terms and conditions of access to College services covered by the fees paid for their programme - either directly or via a partner institution. Unless the College notifies a student to the contrary, any relevant published code of practice, policy or procedure orregulation will apply to a student's use of a College service which is included in the fee forthe
3.6 Full Programme and Occasional students shall, unless they elect to opt out, be full members of the Goldsmiths Students' Union. Guest students and programme interrupted students shall have access to such facilities of the Goldsmiths Students' Union, not including voting rights in elections, as the Students' Union shall itself from time to time determine.
3.7 Validated Students will be entitled to access such services and facilities as may be set out in the agreement between Goldsmiths and the validated institution.
3.8 All Full Programme and Occasional students have a duty to notify the College of changes to their circumstances – including changes of address, interruptions of study and similar events – at the earliest possible opportunity.

Ethics Approval

3.9 Students and staff whose research or research study, whether conducted within the College or elsewhere, involves work concerned with living (or recently deceased) beings or with data and materials derived from such beings or that might unduly affect the environment and hence change the lives of beings within thatenvironment must seek ethics approval from the departmental Research Ethics Committee or the
College Research Ethics and Integrity Sub-Committee as appropriate.

Health and Safety

3.10 It shall be the duty of every member of staff and every student whilst on College premises:
3.10.1 to take reasonable care of her or his health and safety and of other persons who may be affected by her or his acts or omissions.
3.10.2 to act in accordance with health and safety instructions, regulations and policy.
3.10.3 to cooperate with the College in respect to any duty imposed on the College by any health and safety provision.
3.11 In line with the provisions of legislation, it shall be the duty of everyone whilst on College premises not to deliberately damage or misuse any equipment provided for health, safety or welfare.

Equality and Diversity

3.12 Goldsmiths is proactively working towards the aim of advancing Equality and Diversity by working collaboratively to embed Equality and Diversity into everything that it does. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment which encourages its members to contribute fully and be valued as individuals, in line with our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. Goldsmiths has an Equality and Diversity Strategy, Action Plan, and Objectives set every four years, which work towards achieving our aim.
3.13 All members of the College – staff and students – and others on College premises or taking part in College activity will be expected to behave consistently with our values related to Equality and Diversity, and take responsibility for their role in our shared effort to make progress.

Visa Requirements

3.14 A student who is required to study inside the UK must have a valid visawhich does not prohibit the kind of study in question.
3.15 Students are required to comply with the conditions of their visa throughout the duration of their studies with the College.
3.16 Students must inform the College immediately of any substantial changes to their immigration status including where a student changes visa categories or ceases to have a valid visa that does not prohibit study in the UK.

Tier 4 (General) Sponsored students

3.17 The College will only issue sponsorship under its Tier 4 (General) sponsor license if a student is eligible to make a valid Tier 4 visa application.
3.18 Where sponsorship is provided, the College may withdraw sponsorship if:
3.18.1 a student fails to comply with one or more of the conditions of their UKvisa; and/or
3.18.2 a student fails to comply with the conditions in relation to their studies including those set out in these regulations; and/or
3.18.3 the College discovers that the student is no longer meeting the conditions of their Tier 4 (General) visa.
3.19 Where sponsorship is withdrawn, the Director of Student, Alumni and Library Services may withdraw the student from their programme of study and/or the College.