Student Complaints


10. Student Complaints 

10.1 Every effort is made to ensure that all students have a positive experience during their time at the College. However, it is recognised that sometimes students may be dissatisfied with an aspect of their experience. Where this situation arises, students are entitled to make a complaint and to seek redress.

10.2 Students should make efforts to resolve any concerns they have informally at departmental level in the first instance.

10.3 The College shall maintain a Complaints Procedure which sets out the process for students and the College to make and deal with a complaint. This Procedure shall adhere to the Good Practice Framework of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

10.4 Complaints must be received by the College in accordance with the Complaints Procedure. Complaints received which do not adhere to the Complaints Procedure may not be considered.

10.5 Students may submit a complaint relating to any aspect of their experience whilst a student at Goldsmiths. However, concerns about College policy or governance should be raised through the Goldsmiths’ Students Union.

10.6 Complaints submitted anonymously will not be accepted.

External Review

10.7 Once the Complaints Procedure has been completed, where students consider that their complaint has not been resolved adequately, they may refer matters for external review to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.