Assessment Feedback Policy


The current Assessment Feedback Policy is a revised version of an original policy published in 2014. The essential principles contained within the original policy have been retained, but with greater emphasis placed on consistency, personalised developmental feedback, staff-student dialogue, the importance of student engagement and staff-student partnership. Below is a summary list of the main recommendations.

Assessment feedback should where possible:

  • Address relevant intended learning outcomes and marking criteria;
  • Be reliably recorded and retained;
  • Be consistent;
  • Be constructive and feed forward;
  • Be personalised and developmental;
  • Be timely.

The processes and procedures for feedback should:

  • Be made transparent;
  • Be the subject of direct staff-student dialogue.

In addition, student engagement should be actively promoted by:

  • Teaching students how to interpret, reflect upon, and apply feedback;
  • Inviting students to form partnerships with staff to bring about enhancements in departmental feedback practices and procedures.

Read the full Assessment Feedback Policy (PDF)