HEFCE Wider Information Set


As part of an effort to make information about our institution more easily available, Goldsmiths has followed HEFCE’s recommendation for a wider information set concerning different aspects of our programmes of study and other institutional data. Through this process, we hope to better inform potential students and the wider public about our offerings and awards and other activities

The Wider Information Set covers the following:

1. Information on institutional context.

This following information is publicly available:

2. Information about aspects of courses and awards.

This is information about our courses and the diverse awards we offer. The following information is publicly available:

  • Prospectuses, programme guides/specifications, module descriptors or similar
  • Results of internal student surveys
  • Links with employers – where employers have input into a course or programme
  • Partnership agreements, links with awarding bodies/delivery partnerships

3. Information on the quality and standards of programmes.

The following is available internally, but also available externally on request: