Student Orators


Student orators deliver valedictory speeches during graduations at Goldsmiths and provide a wonderful sign-off to the formal element of the ceremonies.

We are looking for orators for the following graduation ceremonies - 

Thursday 19 July 2.30pm (History, Music and Politics & International Relations)

Friday 20 July 10.30am (Computing, Institute of Management Studies and Psychology)

Friday 20 July 2.30pm (Educational Studies, Institute for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship and Social, Therapeutic & Community Studies)

Successful applicants are chosen on the basis of their degree classification, personal statement, and academic reference.

Applications to become the orator at your graduation ceremony are now open and will close at 4pm (16.00) on Friday 8 June.

Apply to become the student orator for your ceremony today (Word).

Student Orators guidance notes

Student Orators are the graduates who make speeches at their graduation ceremony on behalf of the cohort of students present.

As a student orator you will provide a unique contribution to make the day special and memorable for graduates, and their guests.

It will be an unforgettable experience for you and one which will enhance your CV.

As a thank you to our Student Orators they will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their contribution, guaranteed an allocation of front row guest seating and a complimentary studio photography package with our official photographers.

Your speech should last around four minutes and should follow the guidelines listed below:

• Your speech should be positive and uplifting

• It should reflect on your time at university as well as talking about the graduation day and hopes for the future

• Try not to be too specific about your course or subject area - you will be speaking on behalf of all graduates at your ceremony

• You can mention how university life has benefitted you as a person, and students generally

• You can acknowledge the importance of the support given by academics, professional services and family/friends but you shouldn't include personal thanks or mention friends by name

• You are welcome to include anecdotes of your time at Goldsmiths as long as the story is meaningful to the whole cohort, and suitable for the audience. You can include stories of the social aspect of university life but we advise against include explicit references to alcohol consumption

• You will deliver your speech at the speech at the end of the procession of taught degrees so you should refer to graduation in the past tense

• You should not mention collecting your degree certificate in the context of the ceremony as it will be issued at a later date by the University of London

What our previous orators thought of their experience

“I had the best day celebrating with my family and friends and the whole day was so special. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to the graduating class - I loved it!”

Courtney McLoughlin, February 2016 

“I felt honoured to be a student orator, it meant that I could thank my supervisors and Goldsmiths generally for the marvellous time I had doing my PhD. It made graduation day a truly unforgettable experience, a tiny bit nerve wracking but exhilarating too! Overall, I loved it”.

Francis Gilbert, February 2016

“Being a Goldsmiths student orator is one of the most brilliant experiences I've had to date. Listening to the chuckles of 750 people as you muse about university life is both exhilarating and absurd”.

Bartholomew Foley, September 2016

“I was very excited to be able to say a few words at the end of my time as an undergraduate, to mark our last day together as a year group. I think for me it really summed up my experience at Goldsmiths, and how I’ve grown academically as well as the memories I made”.

Stefana Radu, September 2015