Latest projects


Paper Use Reduction at Goldsmiths

Like most large organsiations we use far more paper than we should. Goldsmiths are continually tackling our paper use by asking everyone to do the following:

1. Communicate electronically as much as possible.

2. Printing double sided and placing as much information on both sides of the page as is legible.

3. Re-use scrap paper and dispose of waste paper in the paper recycling bins only.

Energy Detectives

Energy Detectives is a new scheme to reduce energy waste across campus. Greening Goldsmiths are asking staff and students to let us know vis using the webapp when:

  • the lights are left on in an empty classroom
  • corridors are lit unnecessarily
  • electrical equipment is plugged in but not being used
  • heat is on but escaping through open windows                                                                 

Anyone submitting energy wasting information will be entered into a monthly lucky draw where you could win coffee vouchers for the café of your choice at Goldmsiths. For more information contact Nicola Hogan,

Plastic Use Reduce.

We are all aware of the amounts of plastics that end up in our oceans and the detrimental effects they are having on ocean life.
Greening Goldsmiths are doing our bit to help everyone reduce their “everyday plastic use” which essentially involves a committment to behavioural change.

 Here are 3 tips to help you break your daily plastic habits.

 1. Avoid purchasing pre-packaged foods and drinks. Brown bagging your lunch saves money and with 11 water fountains located across campus it’s easy to refill your water bottle and stay hydrated. Water is also healthier and cheaper than carbonated drinks.

2. Use a cloth bag when shopping, refuse plastic straws when having drinks and bring your own keep-cup when purchasing tea or coffee on the go. Theses habits will also save you money too.

3. Avoid microbeads in products, choose scrubs with biodegradable ingredients such as sand and clay.  Purchase bars of soap as oppose to bottles of liquid soap, use bamboo toothbrushes and use natural sponges and cotton face cloths as oppose to plastic loofas.

Go Green Week

Each year Goldsmiths takes part in Go Green Week, organising a range of activities to promote green initiatives. For more information contact Nicola Hogan, n.hogan (

Eating Sustainably and Healthily at Goldsmiths. 

The S.U. Café serve a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes and their coffee and teas are Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. Best of all they use compostable coffee cups and biodegradable plastics. Located on the 1st floor of the Tiananmen Building.