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Using your HEAR

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Your HEAR is useful tool to keep track of your achievements at university and evidence the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained when you graduate

Here are some ways to use your HEAR both during your time at Goldsmiths and after you graduate.

Using your HEAR in year 1

There are loads of activities to get involved in during your time at Goldsmiths.  Use your HEAR to keep a record of your activities and start to build a profile of yourself and your achievements.

At the end of each academic year, you can access your Interim HEAR on your My Goldsmiths account. It shows your results so far and any activities you’ve taken part in and asked to be recorded.

Use it to reflect on your progress and the skills you have developed from your activities and plan the activities you would like to get involved in next year.

"Keep a record of what you’ve done. You might forget about an activity you’ve done in first year by the time you get to third year and it may be useful information for a job application." - National arts graduate recruiter

Using your HEAR in year 2

If you are starting to think about what you would like to do after you graduate, use your HEAR to help you.

The activities recorded on your Interim HEAR can help to highlight what you’ve done so far and where your interests lie.

Thinking about your future aspirations – are there any gaps in your skills and experience? How can you fill the gaps? What do you need to do and how will you go about it?

“You might not know what you want to do when you leave. Think about the top three skills that employers are looking for and think about how you can demonstrate them through activities you can get involved in and that you would be interested in doing.” - Graduate recruiter

Using your HEAR in year 3 and after you have graduated

By year 3, you might have a clearer idea of what you want to do when you graduate.

Look at what you have done. Use the descriptions of the activities you have recorded to think about the skills you have gained. Think about jobs / internships you are applying to – are there transferable skills?

Can you use the descriptions to help you draft your CV, personal statement?

Append a copy of your HEAR to job applications and use it as evidence to support your application.

“Looking at the activities you recorded in 6.1 and the skills you’ve gained. How do they help you in the role you are applying for?" - International tech recruiter

Using your HEAR – post graduate taught students

Your time at Goldsmiths is more intense. You can use your HEAR from day one to plan activities you would like to get involved in. Make sure to record the co-curricular activities you have participated in and use your HEAR to reflect on the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained. Use activity descriptions to help you draft job applications and append a copy of your HEAR as evidence.

“The HEAR can help you demonstrate your journey, passions, interests, commitment. Use your HEAR to tell your story.” - Marketing agency

Get more advice

Email HEAR ( to book an appointment to discuss your HEAR with the HEAR Coordinator or as part of a careers consultation with a Careers Consultant.