Completed research student projects


Dr Rebecca Bligh

The Reálité-Humaine of henry Corbin

Dr Robin Brooks

The Positive and the Vital: A genealogy of the Science of Man

Dr Paul Calderwood

Freemasonary and the English Press in Twentieth-century Britain

Dr Cheryl Deedman

The Song of the Pen:  Popular Romantic Literature 1839-89

Dr Fiona Hackney

'They Opened up a Whole New World': Feminine Modernity and the Feminine Imagination in Women's Magazines, 1919-1939

Dr David Henderson

Apophatic Elements in the Theory and Practice of Psychoanalysis: Pseudo-Dionysius and C.G. Jung

Dr Jonathan Koestle-Cate

A Fractious Embrace: Rethinking Ecclesiastical encounters with Contemporary Art

Dr Imogen Lee

Creating Childhoods: ideas of child and school in London 1870-1914

Dr Jamoula McKean

'Doesn't He Know Who I Am?' Libeanese Children's Civil War: Film, Hisory and Philosophy

Dr Kate Murphy

On an Equal Footing with Men? Women in the BBC 1922-1939

Dr Nina Papazoglou

Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle and the Ordeal of Value

John Rees

Leveller Organisation and the Dynamic of the English Revolution

Dr Alison Safadi

The Colonial Construction of Hindustani 1800-1947

Dr Christine Wheeldon

Pioneers in the Corridors of Power:  Women Civil Servants at the Board of Trade and the Factory Inspectorate 1891-1919

Dr Judith Wilkinson

Uncovering the Legacy. Samuel Beckett. Artist and Curator