Current research student projects


Jan Bartknecht

Atatürk and his Cult - A Visual History

Jane Custance Baker

Fear and Clothing in Interwar Detective Fiction

Niamh Dillon

The British Diaspora - Race Return Migration and Identity in 20th Century Britain

Mary Ingham

British Women and German Prisoners of War in the 1940s

Christian Kurzydlowski 

Another Balkan Myth? The Extreme Right Wing in Serbia: Indigenous Phenomenon or Foreign Adaptation?

Judith Mawer

What can the Mystic and Alchemist Thomas Vaughan (1621-1666) tell us about Natural Philosophers, their Beliefs and Practices, in mid Seventeenth-Century Britain?

Eoin O'Cearnaigh

"More Life Less Speed": Labour Struggles at the Ford Motor Company in Britain and the Politics of Work, 1968-1985

Erin Schoepner

The Anglo Irish Treaty of 1921: A British Perspective

Phil Smith

Finding Seekers: Radical Religion during the English Revolution

Justin Whitaker

Ethics as a Path: Kantian Dimensions of Early Buddhist Ethics

John Woolf

Fabricating Freaks: Constructing Freakery in Nineteenth-Century London