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Position Lecturer in the History of the Middle East
Department History
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Dr Bruno De Nicola

Bruno De Nicola is a cultural historian of the Middle East. His research interests include medieval and early modern history of Iran, Central Asia and Anatolia with a special emphasis on the history of the Mongol Empire, Persian historiography and Islamic manuscripts. His doctoral research explores the role of women in the Mongol Empire, by looking at the transformation of women’s social, political and economic status as the Mongols expanded westwards in the thirteenth century.

Academic qualifications

  • BA History, University of Barcelona 2004
  • MA Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS (University of London). 2006
  • PhD Middle Eastern History, Pembroke College (University of Cambridge). 2011

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

After concluding his PhD, he broadened his area of research to develop an interest in the application of Digital Humanities to the study of Islamic manuscripts, and became Project Curator of Persian Manuscripts at the British Library. Afterwards, he obtained a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of St. Andrews to take part the ERC funded project, "The Islamisation of Anatolia”. Since then, he has been working on literary patronage of Persian Literature in Iran and Anatolia, exploring the relationship between local rulers and the production of Persian Manuscripts in the medieval Persianate World.

In September 2017, he has been awarded a Research Fellowship at the Institute of Iranian Studies (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna) where he conducted research until August 2020. In 2019, he received the prestigious START-PRIZE award from the Austrian Science Fund for a six-year project titled “Nomads’ Manuscripts Landscape” to investigate aspects of transculturation as reflected in Islamic manuscripts from medieval Iran and Central Asia.



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Book Section

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Media engagements

2020: Die Spuren der Mongolen in den Archiven
Jahresbericht der ÖAW (Austria)

2019: Die Mongolen waren kein barbarisches Reitervolk
Interview with newspaper Die Presse (Austria)

2019: Nomadische Schriften
Interview with newspaper Kronen Zeitung (Austria).

Grants and awards

2019: START prize (FWF - Austria)
Six years research grant for outstanding young researchers of any discipline with two or more years research experience as Postdoc

2018: Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Conference Organisation Award
Support for the workshop “Beyond Printed Sources: Medieval Manuscripts as Evidence for the History of the Persianate World” organised by the IFI (OEAW - Austria) and Goldsmiths College

2017: Book Prize
'Book of Excellence for the Year 2017 on the subject Iranian Culture and Civilization', awarded by the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the UK

2018: BIPS (British Institute of Persian Studies) Research Award

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