Dr Christienna Fryar

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Position Lecturer in Black British History
Department History
Email c.fryar (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Christienna Fryar

Christienna Fryar is a historian of modern Britain, the British Empire, and the modern Caribbean. At the heart of her work is the conviction that Britain and its history cannot be understood in isolation from the Caribbean. Her current research uses disaster studies to embed modern British history within the fields of comparative slavery and emancipation studies. Future work will examine Britain’s centuries-long imperial, postemancipation and postcolonial entanglements with the Caribbean through the cultural arenas of sports and language. She is convenor of the new MA in Black British History, and she is also a 2020 AHRC/BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Princeton University
  • MA, Princeton University
  • AB, Duke University

Teaching and Supervision

Publications and research outputs


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Christienna has worked in several different kinds of institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom, where she have taught modules encompassing British history from 1660 to the present; the history of the Caribbean from 1492 to the present; European history since 1500; European empires from 1500 to the present; Black British history from the Romans to the 1980s; research seminars/special subjects on urban history, disaster studies, and historiography; undergraduate and MA seminars on comparative slavery and emancipation across the Americas as well as the heritage of slavery; in addition to a range of team-taught modules at UK institutions.