Getting a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies(CAS) statement for 2017/18


Conditional offer holders- how to obtain your CAS statement

The Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) process is really simple at Goldsmiths. However, it only starts when you have an unconditional offer to study with us. Once you have met the conditions of your offer, you will be sent information explaining how you can request your CAS and make a student visa application.

For conditional offer holders, the process is five easy steps.

Step 1 
  • You accept your conditional offer to study with us. 
Step 2
  • You meet the conditions of your offer. For example, you might have been required to sit an English language test, or send us the results of your most recent course.
  • We make you an unconditional offer ( if you have met your offer conditions).
  • You accept your unconditional offer.
Step 3
  • We then send you a link to our CAS request form ( this is an electronic form, and usually takes about 5 minutes to complete). We can only start to issue CAS after the end of June 2017 for students starting their studies with us in September 2017. This means you won't receive a CAS request form until the end of April or early May 2017 at the earliest, and this will depend on when you received your unconditional offer to study with us.
  • You make your Advanced Payment of tuition fees, if you haven't already done this.
  • You complete your CAS request form and submit it electronically.


Step 4
  • We assess your CAS request form, and we will write to you if we need any further information to help make our assessment.
  • We request financial documents from students who need to submit evidence of their finances at the point they apply for their student visa. You do not need to send financial documents to us until we request them from you. UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) decide which students need to provide financial documents as part of their visa applications, currently if you are a 'low risk' national, applying for your Tier 4 visa in your home country, you are not usually required to provide bank statements at the point you apply for your visa ( you do still need to meet the financial requirements though).
Step 5 
  • We review financial documents for applicable students.
  • We request copies of missing documents from all students, such as English language certificates or scanned copies of your Passport.
  • We issue your CAS statement ( if you are eligible to apply for a Tier 4 student visa). Rememeber, we can't issue this before the end of June 2017 if you will start your studies in September 2017. It's normal for students to receive CAS statements throughout the summer months, and there is usually plenty of time to make your application before your enrolment in September of each year

It can take a few weeks to issue you with a CAS , depending on when and if you become eligible for a Tier 4 student visa. We will process your request as quickly as possible.

You can take part in one of our visa web chats if you have any questions about making your student visa application