Credibility interviews


What is a credibility interview?

This is when the Embassy asks you (someone applying for a Tier 4 visa) to answer some questions, usually via Skype to help them understand why you want to come to the UK. Have a look at our table below for more information about credibility interviews.

Who needs to attend a credibility interview?

Anyone applying for a Tier 4 visa can be asked to take pare in an interview, whether you are applying inside the UK or overseas. If you are asked to attend, you must do so, otherwise your visa application will be refused. 

What exactly happens during the interview?

You will be asked to visit an approved location, for example an Embassy Visa Application Centre and take part in a Skype meeting. The intrerview will take place in a quiet room, and they are usually take about 10 or 15 minutes to complete. You will be asked questions during the session. 

What questions will I be asked during my interview? 

We can't tell you exactly, because the person conducting the interview can ask you a range of questions depending on your circumstances. Common questions include:

  • Why did you decide to study at your chosen University?
  • Why did you decide to choose this course specifically?
  • How does your chosen course help you with your future career plans?
  • How will you fund (pay for) your studies in the UK?

They might also ask you other questions depending on your situation. For example, if you have not studied for a while, you might be asked why you are studying again now. If you are moving to a new university, you might be asked to explain why you have decided to change institutions.

Top 5 credibility interview tips

  1. Speak in English. Try not to ask for an interpreter, the person conducting the interview will expect you to speak to them in good English.
  2. Research your course and Goldsmiths, make sure you know a little bit about the local area and where you plan to live.
  3. Make sure you can explain exactly how you are funding your studies.
  4. Tell the truth. We know you are a genuine student, and that the interview experience can be quite daunting, but try to answer their questions honestly clearly.
  5. Think about how your chosen course is going to help you find a job in your chosen profession.