Research Group in Continental Philosophy (InC)

Research Group in Continental Philosophy (InC)

Enhancing study of the subject through engagement with a diverse range of research directions and initiatives.


Inside the department

Research Group in Continental Philosophy (InC) acts as a point of reference between different practitioners and research frameworks in order to establish a common and cooperative space of dialogue devoted to Continental Philosophy.

The group is formed of a diverse membership from across Goldsmiths’ Academic Departments, with events orgaised by representatives from Art, Cultural Studies, History, and Visual Cultures Departments.  In the last three years the group has become the primary meeting point for philosophical discussion at Goldsmiths, holding more than 100 seminars, lectures, screenings and conversations.

Guest speakers have included Jean-Luc Nancy, Alain Badiou, Catherine Malabou, Ernesto Laclau, Bernard Stiegler, Gilbert Adair and Tom McCarthy. In the past year InC has established external working partnerships with the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Verso Books.

Our people