Structural Economic Analysis

We do world-leading research in structural economic analysis, which traces productive and social interdependencies in the economy and studies accumulation, distribution and structural change.

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The IMS has a world-leading concentration of researchers working in the area of structural economic analysis, by which we mean the overlapping analytical traditions that derive from the 20th-century rediscovery of the Physiocratic and Classical representation of the economy as a set of interdependent production processes subject to structural change, with particular emphasis on accumulation and distribution.

IMS research in this area has developed and reinterpreted this approach in a multiplicity of aspects and directions. These include elucidating its historical roots; developing theoretical aspects of multisectoral models by investigating their properties and generalising their scope; widening the empirical scope of structural economic analysis; developing its political economy dimensions; and drawing policy implications.

Moreover, three members have editorial roles in journals where structural economic analysis plays a key role: Ivano Cardinale (Editor-in-Chief, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics), Ragupathy Venkatachalam (Co-Editor, Economia Politica), Ariel Wirkierman (Associate Editor, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics).