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PositionSenior Lecturer in Marketing
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Phone+44 (0)20 296 4220
Dr Stefan Bernritter

Stefan Bernritter joins the Institute of Management Studies in September 2018 as a Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Before joining the IMS, he worked as an Assistant Professor of Marketing Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Stefan holds a BSc in Communication Science from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, a MSc in Communication Science and a MScRes in Behavioural Science from the same University. He holds a PhD in Marketing Communication from the University of Amsterdam.

Stefan’s research mainly focusses on consumer-brand interactions in a digital and mobile world with a particular focus on social media marketing and mobile marketing. He is fascinated by the phenomenon that consumers tend to use brands – on- and offline – to manage, construct, and signal their identity (e.g., by means of engaging with brands on social media). In this line of work, he is investigating the antecedents and consequences of this behaviour from both the perspective of the consumer and the brand.

In his work on mobile marketing, Stefan focuses on topics such as location based mobile marketing, which allows brands to target consumers on their mobiles tailored to their location and behavioural patterns (e.g., earlier purchases and loyalty), hyper targeting, and the role of advertising in consumers’ app adoption and subsequent app usage.

Stefan’s work has been published in leading journals such as the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the Journal of Business Research, and the International Journal of Advertising. It also has been recognized by several awards from the European Advertising Academy, the International Communication Association, and The Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association.

Academic Qualifications 

  • BSc and MSc in Communication Science (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
  • MScRes in Behavioural Science (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
  • PhD in Marketing Communication (University of Amsterdam)


Voorveld, H.A.M., Araujo, T.B., Bernritter, S.F., & Vliegenthart, R. (2018). How Advertising in Different Offline Media Drives Social Engagement with Brands on Facebook. Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Advertising.

Bernritter, S.F., van Ooijen, I., & Müller, B.C.N. (2017). Self-persuasion as marketing technique: The role of consumers’ involvement. European Journal of Marketing, 51(5/6), 1075-1090.

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Verwijmeren, T., Karremans, J.C., Bernritter, S.F., Stroebe, W., & Wigboldus, D.H. (2013).Warning: You are being primed! The effect of a warning on the impact of subliminal ads. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49(6), 1124-1129. 

Van Ooijen, I., Bernritter, S.F., Müller, B.C.N., van Leeuwen, M.L., & van
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Research Interests

Mobile Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital Consumption

Online Advertising