External funding sources


There are a number of external organisations that offer funding to both undergraduate and postgraduate students

It is well worth exploring external organisations as a way to secure funding for tuition fees, maintenance and, if applicable, research expenses. We have listed some organisations that we are aware of below.

Please note that the information below is subject to change, and it is your responsibility to check the funders' information sources for the most up-to-date information on application procedures and deadlines. 

General International

Name of awardEligibility Further information 
Various scholarships – Education UK International students Various - check website
Various scholarships – Hotcourses Scholarship Search International students Various - check website
Chevening Scholarship  Prospective Masters students  Check with funder
Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Prospective Masters or Research students from a range of countries Check with funder
Colombo Plan Award Prospective students from various countries in Asia and Australasia Check with your country's Ministry of Education or Ministry of Economic Affairs
Canon Collins Scholarship Programme Prospective students from Southern Africa Check with funder
Mountbatten Memorial Grants Students from the Commonwealth in financial difficulty Check with funder
Said Foundation Scholarship Prospective postgraduate students from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria

Check with funder

Preply.com Scholarship Students aged 16-35 from any country

Check with funder

Adenauer Fellowship Postgraduate students from various countries across Asia

Check with funder

Nestpick Scholarship See website

Check with funder



Name of award Value  Eligibility Further information 
CAPES Variable  PhD students CAPES website
CNPq Variable PhD students studying science and technology subjects CNPq website



Name of awardValue Eligibility Further information 
Ministry of Education Scholarship Full tuition fees & maintenance Prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students Ministry of Education website



Name of award ValueEligibility Further information 
Canadian Student Loans  Tuition fees & maintenance Canadian citizens HRSDC website
Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (UK) up to £2,000 Current enrolled Canadian citizens on a postgraduate course Canadian Scholarship Fund website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Becas Chile Tuition fees & maintenance Chilean citizens Becas Chile website




Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Chinese Student Awards £500 - £5,000 Chinese students currently enrolled on a PhD programme

GBCC website

BAFTA Scholarships in China Up to £20,000 towards fees and £10,000 living expenses

You must be a Chinese national, including Hong Kong residents wih Chinese nationality. Eligible Goldsmiths courses include MA TV JournalismMA ScriptwritingMSc Computer Games and EntertainmentMA Screen Documentary

BAFTA website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
COLFUTORO  Tuition fees and/or maintenance Colombian citizens COLFUTORO website
ICETEX Tuition fees and/or maintenance Colombian citizens ICETEX website


Hong Kong

Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Variable Resident in Hong Kong for at least 7 years, aged 22 to 35 Trust Funds Section, Home Affairs Branch, 29th floor, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
UK / Hong Kong Scholarships Variable Hong Kong citizens aged under 35 Scholarships, Grants & Loans Section, Student Financial Assistance Agency, 9th floor, National Mutual Centre, 151 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Scholarship Schemes up to £23,000 Permanent residents of Hong Kong

SFAA website

Chinese Student Awards £500 - £5,000 Currently enrolled Phd students from China and Hong Kong

GBCC website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Chevening Scholarships Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Prospective postgraduate students Chevening website
HSBC Chevening Scholarship Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Prospective postgraduate students Chevening website
Aga Khan Scholarship Tuition fees, maintenance Prospective postgraduate taught and research students with an excellent academic record and genuine financial need Aga Khan website
Commonwealth Scholarships Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Prospective postgraduate taught and research students British Council website
Charles Wallace India Trust Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Indian citizens aged 25 to 38 British Council website
Inlaks Scholarship Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Prospective Indian students aged under 30

Inlaks Scholarships website

Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarships Full or partial tuition fees Indian citizens resident in Goa or born of Goan parents British Council website

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme

Interest Free Loan Scholarship  Prospective postgraduate students Narotam Sekhsaria website

IELTS Scholarships

INR 300,000 towards tuition fees IELTS candidates holding offers from a recognised education institution British Council website



Name of awardValue Eligibility Further information 
Canon Foundation in Europe Research Fellowships 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year Must already hold postgraduate qualification

Canon Foundation website

British Chevening scheme in Japan Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Japanese citizens Chevening website
Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarships Tuition fees, travel and maintenance Japanese students in Tohoku region Daiwa Foundation website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
British Chevening scheme in South Korea Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare South Korean citizens British Council website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Various Variable Various Malaysia Scholarship website


Name of award Value EligibilityFurther information 
Mexican Council for the Development of Science and Technology Variable Prospective Phd and Master's students  Conacyt website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Norwegian Lånekassen NOK 89,000 Postgraduate students Lanekassen website


Saudi Arabia

Name of award Value Eligibility Further information
Kingdom of Saadi Arabia Ministry of Education Scholarships Programme Tuition fees Students applying to particular courses at Goldsmiths MOE website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Various Variable Typically students in top 10% Bright Sparks website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
The Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC) Variable Employees of 12 leading state agencies OCSC website


Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
British Chevening scholarship scheme Full fees & maintenance You must be a citizen of the Turkish Republic; have a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent is preferred; It is essential that you can communicate effectively in written and spoken English, (minimum IELTS score of 7); You must have at least 3 years relevant professional work experience; You must apply to at least 2 programmes at the UK universities until the application deadline. British council website
Turkish Government Scholarships check with funder check with funder Turkish Government website
Jean Monnet Scholarships check with funder Scholarships for Masters applicants. Check the funder website for further information Jean Monnet website
Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) check with funder check with funder TUBITAK website



Name of award Value Eligibility Further information 
Fulbright Award £20,000 towards tuition fees & maintenance Prospective Master's students Fullbright website
Marshall Scholarships Tuition fees, maintenance & airfare Prospective Master's or research students

Marshall Scholarships