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How you can access various Goldsmiths systems off-campus

Some Goldsmiths systems can be accessed from anywhere, by staff or students, using your username and password. These include:

Access to staff systems

Staff access to other Goldsmiths services off-campus are available through the various methods discussed below. Students do not have access to the following remote access tools.


The GCVPN creates a virtual connection to the Goldsmiths network via a web browser, allowing you to access some services remotely that you would not be able to otherwise. You will need to log into the GCVPN with your credentials.

Access the GCVPN

The two main sections of the VPN are:

  • Web Bookmarks
  • Files

'Web Bookmarks' lists a number of services offered by the university that you have access to. Simply click the appropriate link to the service you wish to access.

'Files' lists the various network shared drives you have been granted access to. If you click on a share drive you should see the familiar file structure of the location you have selected. You can click on individual items to download them to your machine, or download multiple items by clicking the check box next to the desired items and selecting the 'Download' button at the top of the screen. To upload documents to a shared drive location, click 'Upload Files' and select the items you wish to upload to the current location.

Help guide: how to access the GCVPN portal (PDF download)

Citrix Remote Desktop

Citrix is the recommended method for most staff working remotely. The Citrix environment allows you to access virtualised applications and a virtual desktop environment. Citrix grants you access to:

  • Network share drives (via virtual desktop)
  • Microsoft Office (via virtual desktop)
  • Microsoft Access (via virtual desktop)
  • Agresso Client
  • Unit-e (via virtual desktop)
  • Occam Room Services
  • Scientia
  • NVivo
  • SPSS

Access Citrix

To use Citrix, you will need to install the Citrix Remote plugin. Please read our PDF help guides for assistance with this process:

Pulse Secure / Junos Pulse

Pulse Secure, also known as Junos Pulse, provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the Goldsmiths network. This allows a user to remotely connect to the Goldsmiths network, and work with the network drives, printers, and network-specific web applications, as if you were on campus. Pulse Secure does not give you access to software available on campus, nor does it grant you access to a remote desktop.

Pulse Secure will be discontinued in the near future and replaced with alternative VPN option. As such the service is not readily available to all staff at this time. If you would like to have access to Pulse Secure, please discuss this request with the IT Service Desk directly.

Help guide: Pulse Secure VPN for Windows

Help guide: Pulse Secure VPN for Mac

Remote access

Remote access to your Goldsmiths desktop computer is only available to certain staff in certain situations and must be met with a suitable business case, approved by IT&IS Management. If you believe you qualify for remote desktop access please complete the following form and return it to the IT Service Desk via helpdesk(

Remote Access Request Form (Word doc download)

Once you have been provided with remote access to your desktop, please consult the Remote Terminal Session (PDF download) help guide for assistance with making a remote connection.

Need more help?

Talk to us at the IT Service Desk or give us a ring.

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