Eduroam Wi-Fi network


eduroam enables you to connect to the internet using your username and password, not only on the Goldsmiths campus, but also at other universities in the UK and abroad

It also allows visitors from other universities to connect to our wifi using their university username and password. It is available to all members of Goldsmiths at no additional cost and is also available in halls of residences across campus. 

In the UK the service is co-ordinated by JANET and is called the Janet Roaming Service (JRS). Full information is available on the JISC website including an up-to-date list of participating institutions.

Staff and student members of Goldsmiths

You can download the installer, which will configure your system for access to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. 

The first time you connect you will need to login with your username and password. This will be saved on your device so that next time you are within range of our eduroam network you can connect automatically. You will also be able to connect at other universities’ eduroam networks automatically.

Using eduroam at another institution

Once you have set up eduroam on your device on Goldsmiths’ campus you will be able to gain access to the internet at other participating institutions – see the Participating Organisations Map.

When you log on you will need to add to your username, eg jbond007 would be entered as

You must check that your laptop setup is compatible with the authentication method in use by the “Visited Organisation” and find out the SSID which you must use on your laptop. You do this by visiting the Participating Organisations Map online. As you hover the cursor over the mark for the institution on the map, a box will come up with the information you need to check.


If you experience any problems with the wireless networking or with eduroam access from/to Goldsmiths, please call in to the IT Services Desk.

Visitors to Goldsmiths

Before you arrive, check that your institution participates in the Janet Roaming Service/eduroam. A list of JRS/eduroam participants can be found on the Participating Organisations Map.

Please consult your home IT Support department for one-off setup of your laptop prior to travelling to our site (or any other sites supporting the Janet Roaming Service/eduroam).

Please also be aware that under the eduroam agreement, any problems you may experience as a visitor must be referred to your home institution's support desk for assistance. 

You must check that your device setup is compatible with the authentication method in use by us. The following information is for visitors to the Goldsmiths campus from other institutions participating in the JRS/eduroam scheme, who want to access the Goldsmiths wireless network during their visit.

  • JRS Tier Supported: JRS2
  • WEP or WPA support: WPA / WPA2
  • SSID: eduroam

Visitors should be aware of the Regulations for the use of the Networked Computing Services at Goldsmiths and the wider Acceptable Use Policy.

Roaming services and locations at Goldsmiths

You can use eduroam anywhere on our wireless network.

See also a list of available services at Goldsmiths.


List of available services


IMSP: TCP/406 egress and established.
IMAP4: TCP/143 egress and established.
IMAP3: TCP/220 egress and established.
IMAPS: TCP/993 egress and established.
POP: TCP/110 egress and established.
POP3S: TCP/995 egress and established.
SMTPS: TCP/465 egress and established.
Message submission: TCP/587 egress and established.


HTTP: TCP/80 egress and established.
HTTPS: TCP/443 egress and established.


Standard IPSec VPN: IP protocols 50 (ESP) and 51 (AH) both egress and ingress; TCP/500 (IKE) egress only.
IPSec NAT traversal: UDP/4500 egress and established.
Cisco IPSec NAT traversal: TCP/10000 egress and established.
PPTP: IP protocol 47 (GRE) egress and established; TCP/1723 egress and established.
OpenVPN: TCP/5000 egress and established.
IPv6 Tunnel Broker NAT traversal: UDP/3653 and TCP/3653 egress and established.

Remote Desktop

RDP: TCP/3389 egress and established.
VNC: TCP/5900 egress and established.
Citrix: TCP/1494 egress and established.

Directory Services

LDAP: TCP/389 egress and established.
LDAPS: TCP/636 egress and established.

Secure Shell

SSH: TCP/22 egress and established.

File transfer

Passive (S)FTP: TCP/21 egress and established.

Need more help?

Talk to us at the IT Service Desk or give us a ring.

You can find us in the Rutherford building, first floor.

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