Hadar Aviram


Hastings College of Law

Hadar’s research interests lie in the crossroad of law, sociology and criminology, and include law and society, theoretical and critical criminology, courts, defendant rights and the criminal justice system, issues of inequality, class, gender and sexual orientation, and – most recently - social movements and legal consciousness. Theoretically, her work often draws on conflict criminology, Foucaultian governmentality, and Luhmann's systems theory. Dr. Aviram's PhD dissertation, which she wrote as a Fulbright Fellow at University of California, Berkeley's Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program, examines the way the military justice system in Israel responds to desertion and conscientious objection. Other current projects include research (with Prof. Malcolm Feeley) on the history of women's share in the criminal defendant population, a study of social activism and legal consciousness in the nonmonogamous community of the San Francisco Bay Area, and a theoretical analysis of the intersection between criminal law doctrinal principles and criminological assumptions.