Why study law at Goldsmiths

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Be part of a politically vibrant community

At Goldsmiths, we have a rich history of social awareness, engagement and championing human rights and social justice in the local, national and international community. 

We’re also taking the lead in integrating experiential learning and professional development opportunities into the law curriculum.

Studying LLB Law or LLB Law with Criminal Justice & Human Rights at Goldsmiths will allow you to meet students and staff from a variety of different backgrounds, studying a range of different subjects, who are passionate about social change.

Join our interdisciplinary law department 

Our Department of Law is made up of a mixture of staff who have professional legal backgrounds and who study law from anthropological, psychological and sociological backgrounds. You’ll be taught by several visiting professors ranging from a former circuit judge to the executive director of the UK’s leading human rights NGO. 

Because of our interdisciplinary team, when you graduate, you won’t just have a working knowledge of our legal system. You’ll also understand its application and effects in different societies as well as on a more individual level.

You’ll also benefit from Goldsmiths’ expertise in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences as you’ll be able to choose from a range of modules such as Art Law, Media Law and Ethics, and many more.

Develop your legal skills

It’s important to us that you put your knowledge into practice throughout your degree because honing these skills will be invaluable in a future legal career.

Throughout your three years, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in:

  • Annual competitions in mooting, mock trails and debating
  • Virtual reality experiences such as human rights and criminal law scenarios which will inform and initiate discussions in seminars
  • Simulated contract negotiations during your Contract Law module
  • Advocacy and client interview training
  • Commercial awareness activities like visits to law firms
  • Dispute resolution workshops 

There are a number of societies that you can get involved with such as Amnesty International, Debating and the #MeToo societies.

Become a 21st Century law student

Our LLB Law degrees will equip you with the digital knowledge you’ll need as you progress through your career.

We do this through our innovative module on 21st Century Legal Skills in your first year. In this module, you’ll be introduced to the concepts of big data and artificial intelligence. You will also grow in confidence in developing and using digital communications, social media, video and blogs appropriate for legal professionals. 

Get involved in our Law and Policy Clinic

During your degree at Goldsmiths, you'll be able to register and take part in our different Law and Policy Clinics. Our Clinic includes activity in areas such as immigration, police interrogation and counter-terrorism law.  

As a student, you'll work in small groups under the supervision of academic members of staff and external partners including legal professionals and NGO experts.

Get prepared for your future

Studying law doesn’t mean you have to become a lawyer. So, we’ll help you figure out what you’re passionate about, whether that’s working for an NGO or training to become a barrister or solicitor. 

All our teaching on our LLB Law courses are designed to help develop your skills and knowledge with the new upcoming solicitors qualifying exams (SQE) in mind.

Royal Courts of Justice

One ideal setting

Studying law at Goldsmiths doesn’t stop in the classroom. Our campus is just 10 minutes from London Bridge, so we take advantage of all that London has to offer. We run different commercial awareness activities like visits to law firms, leading chambers, the Law Society and the Inns of Court. 

Our law modules incorporate a range of different opportunities such as professional awareness activities, practical experience and research events.

As a student in London, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the heart of the English legal system such as the Royal Courts of Justice, Supreme Court or Parliament.