Customer Service Charter

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Our standards, values and commitments to the users of the Library.

Our Values

  • Committing to inclusivity for everyone and striving to meet the needs of individuals
  • Being ambitious in our delivery by setting high standards and putting our students and staff at the fore front of our approach
  • Providing professional services where staff are knowledgeable, respectful, supportive and ethical
  • Offering an excellent experience by continually innovating and improving our services
  • Working collaboratively to provide effective and responsive services

Our Commitments

Relationships and communication

  • To be friendly, approachable and willing to help those who use our services
  • To provide a welcoming environment through our attitudes and our spaces
  • To communicate with all students, staff and members of our community in a timely and jargon free way

Information and Knowledge

  • To provide clear information and guidance about requirements, deadlines and expectations around our services
  • To ensure our policies and procedures are robust and effective in maintaining standards and enhancing the student experience
  • To provide training and development to all staff across the Student Experience Directorate so they are confident and able to deliver a responsive service

Professional and Respectful

  • To treat your data with respect by ensuring all our staff have a clear knowledge of Data Protection
  • To offer expert, comprehensive and professional answers to enquiries from students, staff and the community


  • To be well-informed about our programs, policies, departments, facilities and campus so those who use our services can rely on us to work collaboratively to find the best solutions for you
  • To listen and understand your needs and provide the most appropriate information or resources to find a resolution.

Continuous improvement and feedback

  • To proactively seek feedback and make improvements to our services and products
  • To work closely with the Goldsmiths community and the Student’s Union when reviewing and developing our services

Customer Service Standards


Customer Service Standard

Performance for January and February 2019

Measuring our performance

We will maintain our advertised opening and contactable hours 100% of the time at our helpdesks and our offices

We were open 100% of our advertised opening hours

We monitor our main library helpdesk and phone number for this standard

Our websites and online services (Library Website and Library Search) will be available 24/7 100% of the time (excepting periods of advertised maintenance)

Our websites and online services were available 100% of the time

We monitor and Library Search for this standard

We will acknowledge and respond to all written enquiries and feedback to within 3 working days

100% of email enquiries were responded to within 3 days

Working days are Monday – Sunday for this service
Sample Week Wed 20 Feb–Tue 26 Feb 2019

80% of face to face enquiries will be resolved at first point of contact and the remainder referred to appropriate colleagues

85.4% of face to face enquiries were resolved at the first point of contact

We monitor service points at our main library helpdesk, SCA and CHG for this standard
Sample Week Wed 20 Feb–Tue 26 Feb 2019

100% of all print material will be re-shelved within 24 hours of being returned

97.5% of returned items were shelved within 24 hours


We will make a decision on your membership application and inform you of the outcome or next steps within 3 days 100% of the time

100% of membership applications were completed or followed up on within 3 days

Working days are Mon–Sun for this service
Sample Week Wed 20 Feb–Tue 26 Feb 2019

We will answer 85% of Live Chats during our advertised opening hours

89.33% of live chats were answered

Some chats are unanswered as people disconnect from the service

Wait times on our Live Chat service will be under 1 minute during our advertised opening hours

16 seconds was the average time it took for us to answer a live chat


Self-service loan and return services will be available 100% of the time

Our self-service machines were available 100% of time


90% of feedback received from people attending academic skills sessions will agree that they are good or very good (rating 4 or 5)

95% of the feedback we received from people attending our academic skills sessions rated them as good or very good


We will respond to broken link reports with a working link within 1 working day 90% of the time

We responded to 91% of broken links reports with a working link within 1 working day

Working days are Mon–Fri for this service

We will process 100% of interlibrary loan requests within 3 working days of receiving the request

We processed 94% of our interlibrary loan requests within 3 working days

Working days are Mon–Fri for this service

These standards were produced in consultation with our students in 2018/19, and monitor the quality, timeliness and accessibility of our services.

We started to monitor against these standards in January 2019 and will report back on our performance on these pages regularly.

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