Customer Service Charter

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Our values and our commitments to the users of the Library.

Our Values

  • Committing to inclusivity for everyone and striving to meet the needs of individuals
  • Being ambitious in our delivery by setting high standards and putting our students and staff at the fore front of our approach
  • Providing professional services where staff are knowledgeable, respectful, supportive and ethical
  • Offering an excellent experience by continually innovating and improving our services
  • Working collaboratively to provide effective and responsive services

Our Commitments

Relationships and communication

  • To be friendly, approachable and willing to help those who use our services
  • To provide a welcoming environment through our attitudes and our spaces
  • To communicate with all students, staff and members of our community in a timely and jargon free way

Information and Knowledge

  • To provide clear information and guidance about requirements, deadlines and expectations around our services
  • To ensure our policies and procedures are robust and effective in maintaining standards and enhancing the student experience
  • To provide training and development to all staff across the Student Experience Directorate so they are confident and able to deliver a responsive service

Professional and Respectful

  • To treat your data with respect by ensuring all our staff have a clear knowledge of Data Protection
  • To offer expert, comprehensive and professional answers to enquiries from students, staff and the community


  • To be well-informed about our programs, policies, departments, facilities and campus so those who use our services can rely on us to work collaboratively to find the best solutions for you
  • To listen and understand your needs and provide the most appropriate information or resources to find a resolution.

Continuous improvement and feedback

  • To proactively seek feedback and make improvements to our services and products
  • To work closely with the Goldsmiths community and the Student’s Union when reviewing and developing our services
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