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The Library does not collect digital copies of student's work but some departments are building collections in the VLE, along with guides to planning your essay, see the links below. If your department is not listed here, please ask in your departmental office.

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Print copies in the library (up to year 2009/10 only)

The library holds a selection of older student work including MA dissertations, essays, case studies, bibliographies and other final course work by graduating students. These are intended for the use of current students as good examples of different types of work. Examples will be no more than 10 years old, but have not been collected since 2010. For more recent examples, please see your course materials in the VLE.

Print collections are on the library catalogue.

  • To search within the MA course work collection, search for your subject in the usual way, then use the 'Filter' button and select 'MA course work'.
  • To search for work from your department, from the usual search page, type in the name of your department or the broad subject you are interested in, e.g. social work, or media, then click the 'Other categories' button and pick MA course work from the drop-down list of categories.
  • To browse all MA student work, you can search by collection code. Type MACW in the 'search' box, then click on the down arrow in the 'field to search' box and select 'Collection code'. When you have a list of results, you can click on the 'refine' button and type keywords for your subject in the search box.
  • You can see more details about the item by viewing the 'FULL' record. To do this, click on the number to the left of the author's name in the results list.

When you have found the items you would like to see, please write down the author and title. Student course work items are available to read from open shelves by the Helpdesk.

Student work is held with permission under the terms of the College Records Management policy for 3 or 10 years if requested by the course convenor at the time of deposit, collection ceased in 2009/10.


Library catalogue

Student print deposit form (pre-2010)