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Student Library Rep Project

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The Student Library Rep Project runs during the Autumn and Spring terms.

Student Library Reps receive a budget to spend on library resources for their department. If there is a new book you would like the library to buy or a core text you’re struggling to get hold of, you can send a suggestion to your department’s Rep.

DepartmentStudy LevelNameEmail

UG Harriet Walsh hwals001 (
PG Laurence Benson lbens002 (
Art UG Ellis A Warren ewarr002 (
PG Coby-Rae Crosbie ccros002 (
Computing   UG Androulla Charalambous  achar051 ( 
PG Taylor Adams-Harriott  tadam003 ( 
Design   UG Paulo Rodrigues Ortiz  prodr003 (
PG  Clara Cohen  ccohe003 ( 
Education  UG & PG Hannah Preedy  hpree001 (
ECL UG Gergana Galabova ggala002 (
PG Laura Casas Garcia lcasa001 (
History UG & PG Bella Ozdemir bozde003 (
ICCE UG & PG Enid Conway econw001 (
IMS UG Anna Krzeminska akrze001 (
PG Hira Rizwan hrizw001 (
Law  UG Cleo Gasquet cgasq001 ( 
MCCS   UG  Stefano Bracci Testasecca  sbrac002 ( 
PG  Anastasia Terzoglou  aterz001 ( 
Music   UG Iuliia Turrii  ituri001 (
PG  Marco Pace  mpace001 (
Politics   UG  Molly Aliina Ripatti  mripa001 (
PG  Robert Wyness  rwyne001 ( 
Psychology  UG & PG Moriel Amadora Tuegeh  mtueg001 (
Sociology   UG  Taylor Gardner  tgard003 ( 
PG  Stephanie Guirand  Sguir001 (
STACS   UG  Joan-Ann Alexander  jalex006 (
PG  Rachel Evans  revan003 ( 
TAP  UG & PG  Karolina Ros Olafsdottir  kolaf001 (
Visual Cultures   UG  Eugènia Font  efont001 (
PG  Patricia Roig  proig001 (