Library Inclusion and Support


Goldsmiths Library is committed to ensuring that all students can make full use of our services and facilities. We seek to meet the needs of students and academics by providing the best and most relevant literature in print and electronic format. Subject librarians teach Library users to access material that will allow you to maximize all the relevant resources currently available.


Students with additional support needs register with the Inclusion and Learning Support team and as part of your support the Library will provide:


Extended Loans
You are able to borrow short loan items for double the loan period (e.g. two weeks for a one week loan). Find out how to renew your loans.


Fetching Service
Material can be collected from the shelves for you, ready for collection at the Library help desk.


Visually Impaired students can contact the Subject Team to make a request for scanning of subject specific material, please check with your subject Librarian for availability and give at least 48 hours notice.


Access to Quiet Rooms
There are a number of study spaces across campus the Library has designated spaces for quiet study ask at the helpdesk for further information.


Assistive Technology Centre
The Assistive Technology Centre (ATC) is located on the ground floor of the Library; students registered with the Inclusion and Learning Support team are given an Assistive Technology Card. Mind- mapping, voice activated and text enhancing software are available.


We can advise on

  • Where to obtain further assistance
  • Access to and within the Library
  • Appropriate contact persons

It helps us to provide a better service to you if you are able to contact us in advance of your special requirements, all student information follows Goldsmiths’ Confidentiality and Data Protection policy.


Library Contact
Sheila Faucher
Tel: 0207 717 3165
Email: LibraryInclusion (