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Welcome to the Reading Lists System, which enables students to access their reading lists online.

Reading Lists are lists of resources (e.g., books and journals) that are helpful to your studies. These might be lists of resources that have been compiled by your course tutor, or by yourself. Reading Lists @Gold is the official Goldsmiths website where staff and students can create and share reading lists. Once reading lists are created on Reading Lists @Gold, you will be able to use the lists to check availability and location information of reading list items within Goldsmiths Library.


Reading Lists for Students

To use the Reading List System, students should sign in to it using their campus username/password, then search for the relevant course title or module code. The first time you sign in, you will have the option to set up a short profile which you will need to do if you want to add notes to a list. 

We aim to make as many reading lists as possible available on Reading Lists@Gold. However, if you can’t find a list for your module please fill in this reading list request form and we will investigate further.

If you have any feedback, improvements or suggestions on Reading Lists@Gold we’d love to hear them.

Contact us at readinglists (


Reading Lists for Academics

If you are an academic who wants to get started with the Reading Lists system contact readinglists ( and we’ll set you up with access.

We are happy to provide training resources and face-to-face support to any staff starting out with the system. Browse the guides below or contact us or your Subject Librarian for further support.

At key times of year we have library staff available to create lists for you – we are currently requesting lists for the 2017/18 academic year.

We encourage you to send us any lists required for Autumn Term by July 1st to allow time for orders to be placed and digitisations processed.

If you would like the library to convert your existing list into an Online List please email it to readinglists (

When sending us your lists please:

  1. Clearly mark Essential Readings 
  2. If you want an existing list updated highlight the changes 
  3. Provide an estimate of student numbers and the module code wherever possible



Guidelines for using the system are available on the Reading Lists LibGuide. See the Full System Guide for step by step, detailed guidance on using the system, and instructions for Linking your Online Reading List to Learn.Gold.

Contact the Reading List team

Any comments or queries please contact us via the Feedback button on the webpage or email readinglists (

Contact information

E-mail : readinglists (

Telephone: 020 7896 2115

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Reading Lists on LibGuides

To find our more about Reading Lists, and to access training materials, please visit the Reading Lists LibGuides pages.