Student Library Rep Project


Student Library Rep Project

Who is your Student Library Rep?

Student Library Reps receive a budget to spend on library resources for their department. If there is new book you would like the library to buy, or a core text you’re struggling to get hold of, you can send a suggestion to your department’s Rep. The Student Library Reps for 2017-2018 are:

Anthropology Eszter Csutora

Art (undergraduate) Kavern Tan

Art (postgraduate) Margaret Jennings

Computing Raymond Vermeulen

Design Lily McCraith

Education (undergraduate) Rebecca Rayner

Education (postgraduate)  Louise Mensah

English (undergraduate) Ross Fraser-Smith

English (postgraduate) Milena Pirog

History (undergraduate)  Chlorice Mendes-Cotman

ICCE Kristin Cheung and Olivia (Xiaoxu) Ni

IMS Maria Juliana Huerfano Reyes

Media (undergraduate) Raffaele Andrea Buono

Media (postgraduate) June Reid

Music Rowan Perrow and Edgar Ndazi

Politics Sarona Bedwan

Psychology (undergraduate) Joshua Mosonyi

Psychology (postgraduate) Yao Xiao

Sociology Thomas Muddiman and Yara Mrad

STACS (undergraduate) Samina Merali

STACS (postgraduate) Eve Wilson

Visual cultures (undergraduate) Yuki Shirota

Visual cultures (postgraduate) Therese (Xin) Luo