Library membership for Goldsmiths' students and staff


The College Regulations state who is entitled to membership of the library:

20.1 Borrowing membership of the Library is open to members of the College Council, College staff, enrolled students on award bearing programmes and intercollegiate students of the College. External readers or borrowers may be admitted on application to the Librarian.

The Goldsmiths Card

To use any of the facilities and services offered by the Library and IT Services you will need to have a Goldsmiths Card. This has the following functions in relation to facilities:

  • An entry card - your Goldsmiths card operates the turnstiles at the entrance and exit of the Rutherford Building.
  • A Library card - you need your Goldsmiths card to borrow any items from the Library.
  • A photocopying card - to use the photocopiers in the building, you need to put photocopying credits on your Goldsmiths card using the top-up machines on the ground floor.
  • A printing card - to use a printer in the Rutherford Building, you need swipe your card in the card-reader.
  • An identification card - it proves that you are entitled to use the services and facilities available in the College.

Students are issued with a Goldsmiths Card at enrolment. Staff can obtain their card from the Security Control Room (Room 198 in the Richard Hoggart Building, adjacent to the Night Entrance). This is also where all users should apply for replacement cards.

Cards are issued Monday to Friday, 12.00-14.00 and 17.00-18.45 and on Saturdays, 12.00-14.00

It should be possible to issue a new card immediately but, if not, within 24 hours.

Using your Goldsmiths Card in the Library

If you are a student or member of staff at Goldsmiths, you must have your Goldsmiths card whenever you use the Library. It lets you into the Rutherford Building (which contains the Library, IT Services, Assistive Technology Centre, Media Services and Copy Centre) and allows you to borrow books and other materials.

You are responsible for all items issued to your card, so please do not lend it to anyone.

Current borrowing entitlements.

Availability and conditions of use

Conditions of use are to be found in our Library house rules.

College disciplinary procedures are used in the case of serious or persistant breach of the conditions of use of the Library.