Welcome to Gold on Film 2020!


Goldsmiths is one of London’s foremost hubs of culture and the arts, cinema included.

Gold on Film 2020 is a celebration of our fascinating, eclectic, and unique film culture, one which spans across generations, mediums, and genres. From form-bending short films, to piercing documentaries, and to feature-length festival hits, join us for some truly golden movies.

Festival Programme

A man looking at his own reflection

Rialto | Fri 13 | 6pm

Gold on Film 2020 kicks off with 'Rialto', an excellent indie film from 'Daphne' director and Goldsmiths alumnus Peter Mackie Burns. After the death of his father, Colm spirals into a conflict on masculinity. Unable to confide in his wife, Claire, Colm engages in a precarious relationship with sex worker Jay.

A woman singing

I Die Of Sadness Crying For You | Sat 14 | 3.30pm

From Gold On Film returnee Nina Danino comes 'I Die of Sadness Crying of You', a documentary which focuses on the powerful Copla genre of Spanish music which flourished in the 1930s and 40s, and their mighty female singers.


A group of people walking, one woman looks back directly at the camera

Bacurau + talk Presented by Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Department | Sun 15 | 3pm

After the death of her grandmother, Teresa comes home to her matriarchal village in a near-future Brazil to find a succession of sinister events that mobilizes all of its residents.

Clara Rocha, from the Goldsmiths Visual Cultures department, analyses 'Bacurau' as an art piece which combines concepts of ‘epistemologies of the South’ through the Decoloniality perspective. The talk will focus on issues regarding racism, gender inequality, social inequality, colonialism, and patriarchy.

A white cat sat on someone's lap

Shorts: (Un)Ordinary People | Mon 16 | 6pm

  • For Him
  • Lucy
  • Commander
  • Nomvula
  • The Slow Longing
  • Pingey

From the tale of a man who falls in love with his partner’s cat (Lucy) to the phantasmagoric, form-bending recollection of a filmmaker’s relationship with her father (Pingey), this programme of shorts examines the sublime twists which can often sprout from the lives of ordinary people.

Man sat with a trombone whilst a woman looks at it

Of Time And The Sea | Tue 17 | 6pm

An old man, once a king, lives in isolation with his two daughters on one of three islands. These islands were once his kingdom, and are now ravaged by a terrible disease. Recalling a swathe of inspirations, from 'King Lear' to the contemporary migrant crisis, Goldsmiths member of staff Peter Sant’s 'Of Time and the Sea' is a slow, meditative, and ultimately rewarding study of isolation, stasis, and age.

A woman in a laundrette smiling

Shorts: Getting To Know You | Wed 18 | 6pm

  • Finding The Happy Medium
  • Sex Work Spoken
  • It’ll All Come Out In The Wash
  • Sarah And Her Niqaab

From lives dedicated to mediumship and spiritualism (Finding The Happy Medium) to a community united solely by their use of the same laundromat (It’ll All Come Out in The Wash), each of these short documentary films invite us to understand the unique nuances of our friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Let’s get to know each other.


Two women sat on a wall with the city as a backdrop behind them

Even When I Fall | Thu 19 | 6pm

The festival finishes on a resounding note of empowerment. 'Even When I Fall' follows the incredible story of Saraswoti and Sheetal. Trafficked into the Indian circus as children and now freed, they form Nepal’s first circus. This is an intimate, stunningly realised tale of emancipation, bringing a unique lens to the word of human trafficking.