Living costs


There is no escaping the fact that London can be expensive place to live and study, but becoming a student at Goldsmiths offers the opportunity to experience a unique take on student life in London.

Goldsmiths College is situated in the centre of New Cross, South East London. This area offers some of the lowest costs in London for accommodation and travel.

Your living expenses at university will vary according to your personal circumstances and choices. Basic prices for food and bills etc will be fairly consistent wherever you study - expenditure more specific to Goldsmiths and South East London, such as eating and drinking out however, are some of the cheapest in London.

There are resources available online to help with budgeting, including the London Student Housing Guide budget calculator that uses estimates of what the average student in London spent in the 2013-14 academic year. Here are some rough estimates of what you might be spending that you might find helpful. 

Accommodation: £110-£300 per week

Whether you prefer the halls of residence near the campus, or more independent living that lets you mix with a wider London student population, Goldsmiths offers a wide range of accommodation.

Private accommodation in South East London is relatively cheap compared to other parts of London, you should be able to find affordable accommodation suitable for all budgets.

Travel: £10-£30 per week

Goldsmiths is located in Zone 2, which means you can dramatically reduce your daily travel costs by avoiding the need to travel through or from Central London Zone 1; further details can be found on the TFL website.

You can also apply online for a TFL Student Oyster Card, which can be used within London on trains, underground, buses and the London Docklands Light Railway.

Entertainment: £20-£50 per week

There are plenty of great places for eating and drinking out in the local area as well as discounts offered to students for club nights, theatre and cinema tickets. It’s always worth getting an NUS card from the Students' Union, which will offer further student discounts.

Electricity/gas bills: £10 per week

If you are living in our halls, you will not need to pay for utilities such as electricity and gas as it is included in your rent. For those renting in the private sector, try to budget around £10 a week for your energy bills.

Internet and TV Licence: £3-£10 per week

If you want a TV either in halls or in private accommodation, you will need to get a TV Licence. Currently, a TV Licence costs £145.50 per year payable in monthly instalments or as a lump sum. For more information, please visit the TV Licensing website.

Internet access is included in halls of residence costs, but if you’re in private accommodation you'll need to budget for this as well.

Study and course essentials: £10 per week

Don't forget to put aside some cash for books, photocopying and stationery. Make good use of the library and research facilities and buy second-hand books to keep the costs down. Some courses may involve extra costs for materials and equipment. Check with your department whether there is are any extra costs that you are expected to pay.