What Escapes: a visual art exhibition by Rose Frain


Monday 24th October 24th - Friday 25th November 2011

At two sites: The Special Collections Reading Room in the Rutherford Building and The Kingsway Corridor, towards the back of the Richard Hoggart Building

The Women’s Art Library welcomes this timely exhibition of visual art by Rose Frain. As we ask what next in the tidal surge of the Arab Spring, “What escapes” reflects on the psychic traces and slippages of reportage, experience and memory evoked by Afghanistan prior to and since the death of Osama bin Laden, and Alexandria Egypt , prior to and since the events of February 2011. It is an exceptional opportunity to experience artwork that speaks eloquently to the multi-disciplinary culture of Goldsmiths.

The exhibition is the first of the Library’s Special Collections to reach across Goldsmiths to include the large showcases of the Kingsway Corridor of the Richard Hoggart Building. Three installations display highly researched objects that collapse geographies and time to grasp the human experience of struggles for civil rights twisted in with military trials of survival. Frain’s work alerts us to the powerful difficulties of these moments, routinely absorbed as oversimplified news items dominated by political and cultural agendas, sometimes to the point of censorship. Her experience as an artist-in-residence at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt sharpened her awareness of the immense complexities of what escapes our attention in the West.