49 (Nov/Dec 92) The Body
Lynda Nead on the female nude. The sensual in Helen Chadwick, Cathy de Monchaux, Leila Galloway, Rose Garrard, Alison Wilding and Hermione Wiltshire. Abstract representations of the body in Somatic States (Gwen Hardie, Pam Skelton, Rebecca Fortnum, Laura Godfrey-Isaacs etc). Surrealist women's use of the body (Frida Kahlo and Ithell Colquohon). Audrey Flack, Bridget Riley, Eileen Cooper, Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Janine Antoni, Rachel Evans, Eva Hesse and Bettina Rheims.

48 (Sep/Oct 92) Maureen Paley on the Turner Prize and Marina Warner on contemporary women's art at New Hall. Also women's work appearing in East, the Whitechapel Open, BT New Contemporaries (including Ines Rae and Permindar Kaur), a selection from London degree shows (including work by Mariko Mori) and Documenta 9. Wayward Girls and Wicked Women, a collection of women's animation. Annette Messager, Genévieve Cadieux and Serbian artists Marina Abramovic and Coranka Matic. Jane Brettle, Val Williams and Rosy Martin pay tribute to Jo Spence.

47 (Jul/Aug 92) Art, Health & Disability Integration in the arts for disabled artists. Jo Spence interviewed and Genevieve Fox talks to artists working in hospitals. Birthtales and Outer Space (Yve Lomax, Genévieve Cadieux, Susan Trangmar, Ania Bien, and Willie Doherty). Abstract painting from Vanessa Jackson, Therese Oulton and (dis)parities (Rebecca Fortnum, Beth Harland, Gill Houghton, Helen Ireland, Rosa Lee, Eve Muske, Helen Pavel, Madeleine Strindberg, Estelle Thompson) Also Ethel Walker (1861-1951).   
46 (May/Jun 92) Theory & Criticism Cover by Fanny Adams (our home-grown version of the Guerrilla Girls). International art magazines and the 'mainstream' press and galleries are reassessed. 10 years of feminist art magazines. Deanna Petherbridge on ten women artists born between 1897-1906. A report on the conference Bookworks: A Women's Perspective as well as Joan Eardley, Jenny Holzer and video by Monika Oeschler, Katherine Meynell and Judith Goddard. Elena Gaputyte remembered.   

45 (Mar/Apr 92) Photography
Jo Spence and Rosy Martin reconstruct the family album/history. Also Mari Mahr, A Daughter's View, Mary Ellen Mark, Olivia Parker and Tina Modotti. Anna Douglas on public art and football, Liz Wells on Annette Messager and Susan Trangmar. Also Ana Maria Pacheco and Chronicle with Roxane Permar, Jane Barratt and Françoise Dupré. Whitney Chadwick and Marina Warner speak on Leonora Carrington.

44 (Jan/Feb 92) Post-feminist complacency? Gallery directors on women artists, what's behind the Turner Prize, and Pen Dalton on the breakdown of feminist art networks. Other Frontiers: Gisele Amantea, Lee Dickson, Nell Tenhaaf and Mina Totino. Four x 4 feat. Lesley Sanderson, Houria Niati, Virginia Nimarkoh and Permindar Kaur. Amanda Holiday's film work, women's filmmaking at the ICA. Rachel W, Eve Arnold and the cult status of Frida Kahlo