73 (Dec/Jan 96/7) Shopping, Stealing and Lipstick Sally-Anne Huxtable shopping at Liberty's. What artworks would you steal? Guy Hilton interviews Marina Abramovic. Rea Stavropoulos interviews Jenny Holzer and Libby Anson and Amanda Sebestyen discuss Rubies and Rebels. Rachel Whiteread, Emma Rushton, Shelley Sacks, SKINT (performance and time-based work in Hull), Triplicates including Jo Stockham, Susan Alexis Collins, Anne Eggebert, Katherine Clark, Cyburban Fantasies, and Feminale 8. Artist pages by Marysia Lewandowska.
72 (Oct/Nov 96) Monsters, Ugliness and Self-portraiture Marsha Meskimmon on the grotesque in women's self-portraiture, Jenny Saville and Jo Spence. Diane Radycki on Paula Modersohn Becker (1876-1907) and Marie Laurencin (1885-1956), John Isaacs on love, science and the body. Vox Pop asks “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”. Alisandra Kitching talks to women curators. Tacita Dean, Rebecca Fortnum, Barbara Ess, Rene Eyre, Jacqueline Pennell, Vasudha Thozhur, Margaret Benyon, Disorders, Frisson, Ride a Cock Horse, and comments on this year's Turner Prize nominations.   

71 (Aug/Sep 96) Is Women's Art Homeless? Nancy Proctor asks the question. Griselda Pollock on Inside the Visible, Liz Wells on women's film and video in the 70s. Marie-Anne Mancio on Sarah Lucas, Jenny Saville, Tracey Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood et al. Joan Key looks at Lucia Nogueira and Jake and Dinos Chapman on Pamela Anderson's tits. The Cauldron, New Contemporaries, Distant Relations, The Institute of Rot. An interview with Helen Chadwick.


70 (Jun/Jul 96) Beauty, Artifice, Imagination and Naked Men Gen Doy on 19thC French women artists and critics looking at men. Rachel Armstrong on Orlan, Tracey Warr on Dorothy Cross and Jon Cairns on masculinity in Nice. Joan Key on Prunella Clough. Beth B, Nicky Bird, Rose Frain, Lesley Kerman, Judith Cowan, Ines Rae, Frances Hegarty, Vit Hopley, Yve Lomax, Stacey Billups, Marlene Dumas, Riffat Alvi, Roxy Walsh, MAVIS and Zij-Sporen. Helen Chadwick and Chohreh Feyzdjou remembered.

69 (Apr/May 96) Access, Territories and Spaces (special European issue) Hilary Robinson follows Sophie Calle through Suite Venitienne, Jane Prophet on-line galleries, Katherine Clarke on the women architects group Muf, and Kerstin Mey reports fromBerlin. Nancy Proctor on Femininmasculin, le sexe de l'art Rosemary Fitzgibbon on The Frauenkulturhaus and Shulamith Behr on marginality and Maria Marc. Including reviews of SYZYGY, Anya Gallaccio, Jane & Louise Wilson and Sally Musgrove.   
68 (Jan/Feb 96) Textiles and the Internet Janis Jefferies on textile art and sexuality by Irene & Christine Hohenbuechler. Shirley Read on gender and new technology. Caryn Simonson on her practice and Heidi Reitmaier talks to Georgina Starr. Jana Sterbak, Nicky Hodge, Sandy Sykes, Wendy McMurdo, Jo Darbyshire, Jane Brettle, Varda Getzow, Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943), Gravity's Angels, Interference and I Do I Don't, Dorothy Cross, Ceal Floyer, Cornelia Parker, Helen Robertson and ridget Smith.