78 (Dec/Jan/Feb 97/8) Cyberspace and Utopia Nicole Matthews surfs the internet, Helen Sloan examines new contexts, language and electronic media. Catherine Elwes on Rose Finn-Kelcey, Pamela Gerrish Nunn on curating Pre-RaphaeliteWomen Artists. Claire Lofting interviews Judith Goddard. Katherine Meynell, Sean Cubitt, Mohini Chandra, Suky Best, Frances Aviva Blane, Beat Streuli, Kate Davis, Sensation, Fotofeis '97 and the Jerwood Painting Prize.
77 (Sep/Oct/Nov 97) Girl Power in Education Sam Ainsley, Roxane Permar and the Vox Pop comment on art education and the f-word. Else Thomson on Girl Power, feminism and teen mags. Fionna Barber on De Kooning's 'women', David Burrows & Paula Smithard debate pleasure and practice. RL Withers on the '97 Turner Prize and Nancy Proctor on Nitty Nora Head Explorer. Charlotte Hodes, Sadie Lee, Kerry Stewart, Rachel Lowther, Ana Genoves, Some Kind of Heaven, A Company of Strangers and Revelation: Textile Artists Addressing Issues.
76 (Jun/Jul 97) Kiki Smith, Susan Solano, Ana Genoves, and Christine Borland. Janice Cheddie looks at Shifting Terrains and Eastern Edge to ask if Black Art is still a valid category. Antonia Carver writes on contemporary Aborigine artists Destiny Deacon and Brenda L Croft. Vice and Virtue, new media in Video Positive, Young Parents, You Are Here, Sarah Jones, Tracey Emin and Louise Richardson.   
75 (Apr/May 97) Motherhood and Women's Art Practice Emily Apter on the 'Maternal Fetish' and Mary Kelly, Sally Mann and Mike Kelly. Louise Purbrick on commercial images of pregnancy, Leslie Reid on maternal ambivalence and the woman artist. Heidi Reitmaier talks to Cathy de Monchaux. Vit Hopley and Yve Lomax talk to each other and Dave Beech talks about his mum. Our Vox Pop asks 'Is there such a thing as maternal imagination?' Also Laura Godfrey Isaacs, Margie Britz, Monair Hyman, Eva Marisaldi, Yoko Ono, Debbie Froome, and Françoise Dupré. Caryn Faure Walker on the legacy of Andrea Fisher.   
74 (Feb/Mar 97) Kissing, Flirting and Love Irit Rogoff discusses Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre. Iwona Blaswick talks to Jaki Irvine and Steve McQueen, Pennina Barnett looks at the 'unhomely' in Nina Saunders's work, and Christina Crossingham on the work of Louise Short. Naomi Siderfin on Life/Live (France) decides that “yBas don't speak French”, Pace, Inbetweener, Bank and In the Looking Glass. Vija Celmins, Susan Stockwell, Daphne Wright, Angela Bulloch, Joanna Jones, Linda Post and Jacqueline Morreau.   
73 (Dec/Jan 96/7) Shopping, Stealing and Lipstick Sally-Anne Huxtable shopping at Liberty's. What artworks would you steal? Guy Hilton interviews Marina Abramovic. Rea Stavropoulos interviews Jenny Holzer and Libby Anson and Amanda Sebestyen discuss Rubies and Rebels. Rachel Whiteread, Emma Rushton, Shelley Sacks, SKINT (performance and time-based work in Hull), Triplicates including Jo Stockham, Susan Alexis Collins, Anne Eggebert, Katherine Clark, Cyburban Fantasies, and Feminale 8. Artist pages by Marysia Lewandowska.