86 (Dec/Jan/Feb 99/2000) Geographies, Localisms and Nationalisms Lisa Panting travels through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Lorna Waite writes from Scotland, and two features look at women's art in Poland. Caryn Faure Walker interviews muf, Marion Kalmus explores inner maps. Reviews of Mella Jaarsma, Kerry Stewart, Babel, Angharad Jones. Focus on independent art publishing with Virginia Nimarkoh and Third Wave Feminism in the US. Artist's project by Claudia Schenk.
85 (Sep/Oct/Nov 99) Landscape, Territory and Travel Kim Sweet travels from Go Away to Cities on the Move, Susan Bright considers the rise of Chinese female artists. Denna Jones on the feminisation of architecture, Althea Greenan on public art and Laura Gascoigne debates gender. Laura Malacart tours Venice Biennale while Libby Anson interviews Ann Hamilton and Anne Tallentire. Reviews of Janet Cardiff, Henna Nadeem and Verdi Yahooda.
84 (Jun/Jul/Aug 99) Crime, Surveillance and Evidence Anita Phillips on Andrea Fisher, Jo Manby on Stella Whalley and Tomoko Takahashi. Project: Security in Maastricht, Cheryl Simon on Police Pictures and Scenes of the Crime in California, Mo Throp on Jenny Ridley's website. Gabriel Best at the Berlin Film Festival, Alice Roberts previews Francesca Woodman. Susan Bright on the beautiful and the damned at the National Portrait Gallery, Jacqueline Gabbitas on (in)secure websites. Caroline Juler, Mildred Howard, Angela Peagram and Liz Rideal. Artists' projects by Susan Morris, Sarah Staton and Anita Witek.

83 (Mar/Apr/May 99) A Miniature Issue Stella Beddoe on Fairies, Denna Jones on Greer Lankton's anorexic dolls and dressing-up. Sandra Lahire on Sarah Pucill, orgasms and films born of anorexia. Gaby Wood on horror films and miniature people, Jo Manby on small-scale work, Mohini Chandra on Indian miniatures and The Twin Studio. Elisabeth Mahoney on the miniature sculpture of Elizabeth LeMoine, Ian Hunt and Lisa Panting on gender. Michael Wilson, Rebecca Fortnum, Elizabeth Wright, Ceal Floyer, Sally Tallant, Louise Bourgeois, Secret Victorians, Mikey Cuddihy and Sophie Calle. Original artwork by Nina Pope, SR and Suky Best. Ulay Award for Women Artists supplement: Five shortlisted artists commissioned to make new digital work for the Award at the Lux Gallery. Rachel Lowe, Jane Prophet, Louise K Wilson and Mariele Neudecker.

82 (Dec/Jan/Feb 98/99) A Beast of an Issue Women working with the beast and related imagery. Clare Manchester talks to Margarita Gluzberg on monsters, aliens and wigs. Kitty Hauser on taxidermy and contemporary photography, Zelda Cheatle on Helen Chadwick, Suzanne Cotter, Siobhan Hapaska, Naomi Salaman on Alison Marchant, Jennifer Higgie on Marion Coutts and Emma Hathaway.