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This is for Christine Cadin, Sarah Carne, 2019

This is for Christine Cadin

Sarah Carne's latest artistic investigation into issues of access for the marginalized explores and unpacks the We Make Art History archive.

In 2018 artist Sarah Carne was invited along with the Women’s Art Library, to devise a Studio Activity for The Photographer’s Gallery. We Make Art History asked visitors to name an artist or photographer they felt had been overlooked and consider the factors that lead to this. The contributions, ranging from self promotion to serious questioning of the systems which hinder the reach of a career, are displayed in the Kingsway Corridor. Alongside this display, Carne shows a new artwork that appears to be a spreadsheet registering each individual’s contribution, but on closer inspection reveals her own subjective record-keeping as unreliable collector. This new work is for Christine Cadin, a photographer who came perilously close to not being included for lack of information.

1-30 May
Kingsway Corridor, Richard Hoggart Building
Mon-Fri 7am-10pm
Sat + Sun 10am-5pm