Current PhD students


Here are some profiles of our current PhD students.

Alejandro Abraham
Making Media Dialogical 

Alexandra Anikina
Cyborg Cinema and the Technologies of Estrangement

Oylun Apak
Meta-activists of the Gezi Movement: A Study on the Cyber-evolved Activist

Adam Bales
Contemporary vernacular photographic practice and autobiographical narratives

Piotr Bockowski
Fungal Media - or How the Internet Turns the Human Species into Mycelium

Mary Braid
Changing Representations od Adoption in the News Media Since the 1960s

Ilya Brookwell
From Gamer to Citizen: Live Video Politics in a Digital Age

Elinor Carmi

Silvia Carrasco
Mind the gap: the lack of alignment between the way news are produced and how they are consumed by mobile audiences

Hong Chen
Transitional Families and Digital Technologies: Parenting at a Distance Among Chinese Families

Thomas Chivers
Media power, stakeholder pressure and the formation of media policy: A critical analysis of media policymaking in the United Kingdom.

Eun Jin Choi
Reconfiguration of the internet- Korean identities and practices are being continued

Kareena Coelho
The campaign for broadband accessibility in the Canadian north

Morganne Conti
Affective Ambivilance & the Construction of Subjectivity in Women Artists' Narratives

Ben Craggs
Creating Life and Taking Lives: Identifying the Bios in Bioart

Shruti Desai
Planting Trees with Digital Media: Rethinking the Form, Scope & Scale of Ecological Care

Natalie Dixon
Mobile Story: A Travelling Cultural Romance

Omega Douglas
International News, NGOs, Race & the Politics of Representation

Xiang Fan
Chinese Cinephilia and Film Online Communities

Ella Fegitz
Mediated post-feminist subjectivities in neo-liberal Italy

Chandra Frank
Can the Archive Speak? Black and Brown Feminist/Queer Genealogies and the Politics of Pleasure

Annie Goh
A Genealogy of Sonic Knowledge

Deborah Grayson
Faithful Knowledges

Lei Hao
Understanding Ethnic Minority identity In China: A case study on the Ethnic minority internet communities

Sarah Hamdar
Hizbullah, Promotion and Branding

Judy Harris 
The Wind in the Burlap Trees  - Utopianism and the pro-filmic world  in the work of Vachel Lindsay

Heidi Hasbrouck

David Heinemann
The Free Indirect Speech Act: Voice and Vision in the Cinematic Representation of Psychosis

Adrian C. Hillman
Boardroom to Newsroom: How Corporate Decisions are Limiting the Flow of Political Communication

Zuwera Ibrahimah
The Politics of Ghana's Foreign Policy: From Elitist to "Agnostic"? How the Ghanaian Diaspora Community in the UK is Expressing Citizenship Through the Instrumentality of New Media

Mayu Iida

Tito Imanda
Collaborative Filmmaking with Villagers in Central Java

Sandra Kazlauskaite
The Embodiment of Sound in Contemporary Audiovisual Art Gallery Spaces

Michael Klontzas
Technology public policy as public service objective: The changing role of the BBC

Niels Ladefoged
The Narratives of Whistleblowing: Empowering Whistleblowers Through Participatory Action Research

Ting-Ying Lin
City of Dissent, Island of Protest: Discourse of Resistance in Contemporary Hong Kong and Taiwan Cinemas

Ausra Linkeviciute
Fact, Fiction and Representation of Traumatic Reality

Sasha Litvintseva
Geological Filmmaking

Daniel Mann
Shooting Homes: Domestication, Immunisation and the Moving Image

Linnete Manrique
Mestizaje: The All-Inclusive Fiction

Vince Medeiros
The Hypercommercialisation of Youth Media: Conflict, Agency & Models in a Post-Advertising World

Chantal Meng
How do Nocturnal Atmospheres in Modern Urbanity shape Social Experiences through Visual Perception?

Emilia Moisio
Imagining reality: scientific imagery in the construction of perceptions of reality

Jack Mosse
Economic Imaginaries in a Materiel World

Roberto Mozzachiodi
Space, Everyday & the Body in Cinema: Towards a Lefebvrian Film Theory

Nada Mubarak
Rebalancing Media Power: Themes of freedom of expression in Saudi online media

Jacob Mukherjee
Taking Back the City: An Investigation into Collective Politics in Contemporary London

Minou Norouzi
Object Documentary

Andrea Nunez Casal
Excursus on the Immune System: Differential Bodies and Entangled Enviornments in the New Biology of the Microbiome

Michelle Ohnona
Narrative, Identity and Memory: Exploring Representations of Nation

Jon Gunnar Olafsson
Small States and Political Communications: The Case of Iceland

Zaher Omareen
'The New Filmer Cinema'. Death & Artistice Characteristics of Documentary Cinema

Christine Osei
Black Star Rising: Exploring the Influence of Digital Activism on Contemporary Feminist Solidarity Movements in Urban, Accra, Ghana

Noemie Oxley
”The Real Nasty Side of War”: An iconology of amateur productions shot by American soldiers in Iraq

Edwina Peart
Musicking, the Voice & Listening Explored Through the Work of Reggae Artist Gregory Isaacs

Nikolaus Perneczky
Negative Ecologies of Third Cinema

Shira Pinczuk
Crossing the Live: The Concept of Border in Realistic Documentary Film-making

Anita Purcell-Sjolund
In the Wake of Captain Cook: (Re-)Imaging the Native in Ethnotainment Programmes of Pacific Tribes

Shameem Reza
The Ground Realities of Community Radio in Bangladesh

Ariana Robey-Lawrence
Shaking Habits: Exploring feminist strategies of production, positioning, coalition, agency, and creative praxes among „Otherized“ contemporary electronic musicians, producers, and DJs

Ozden Sahin
Political Violence & the 21st Century Media Art: Cases From the Mediterranean (2000-2015)

Antje Scharenberg
“Pro-European activism in (times of) crisis” - Investigating the mediated subjectivities, practices & politics of contemporary pro-European activism

Dervla Shannahan
Ziyarat Practices in Contemporary Iraq & Inclusivity in Muslim Ritual Practices

Chen-Ta Sung
Friendship Practices and Social Media: A Taiwanese Perspective

Madaleine Grace Tillyard
Gender, healing and health networks in the Caribbean: The Postcolonial Feminist Politics of Women's Health Online and Offline

Pentti Turunen
Mekatilili - Activist media in support of traditional and indigenous knowledge

Lennaart Van Oldenborgh
The Raw and the Cut - Rushes as Symptoms in Stories of Conflict

Sanja Vico
The Digital Media, Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism & Identities among Serbian Londoners

James Williamson
The Mythology of the Bomb: Science Fiction Film & Theories of Meaning & Communication in the Early Cold War Period